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“The master is back,” the promo goes, “with his best thriller since The Day of the Jackal.” A bold statement: while no Jackal, this strong and. Avenger by Frederick Forsyth. Freddy put down his copy of the Daily Telegraph and sighed. The stock market hadn’t been kind to the Master. Paperback Avenger . Frederick Forsyth From the battlefield of Vietnam via war-torn Serbia to the jungles of Central America, Avenger is packed with.

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In Avenger Frederick Forsyth exposes the how-to mechanics of an independent rendition. Going after Zoran Zilic It is avrnger that Edmonds launches part two of the novel by commissioning a different man to track down Zoran Zilic. Frederkck first book of Frederick Forsyth I have read. The focus then switches avwnger an account of the naive Serbian young man, Milan Rajak, raised in a nice middle-class Belgrade household. Forsyth had guided you neatly through the story building you up to detest the villian, and when the final chapter arrives the level of retribution is perfect.

Email required Address never made public. The plot thickens, when the grandson of copper tycoon Steve Edmond is murdered in cold blood by Milosevich’s henchman Zoran Zilic in Serbia. Avenger is Fredrick Forsyth at his best. Everyone knows Mossad are right up there thr the CIA and MI6, and if you take into consideration budgets then the Israeli intelligence organisation wins hands-down.

However, CIA agent Paul Devereux must find a way to stop Dexter before his quest for vengeance throws the world into chaos.

Views Read Edit View history. The Avenger is tipped off by a source that the CIA is onto him and evades them at every turn. Will I read another book by him? Ironically, he has lived to see a lot of Western opinion move in his direction. Besides an interesting and detailed look at military events and the growth of terrorism, this book has little to offer.


Avenger by Frederick Forsyth

Who, why and how the Avenger manages this campaign avenher the thrust of the story. The first act of the novel introduces Calvin Dexter, the main character of the story. One of the main plus points of this book is that it’s short and sweet with a no nonsense approach, whether it be the Avenger’s past or the inner workings of the CIA along with some very good character development.

This section is both tense and meticulous as Forsyth characteristically devotes a great deal of attention te the multiple identities, fake passports and backup stories which The Avenger constructs in preparation for, flying to Amsterdam to create one.

Then the narration went to the rape and murder of his daughter and then the eventual suicide of his wife. What is felt toward you is ten percent forshth disagreement and ninety percent envy. The summer before he goes to college, Ricky Colenso abenger to Bosnia to volunteer as an aid worker.

The book contains details, but none which I found to be very deep, i. As Avenger, he tracks down, captures and brings criminals back to the United States to stand avenver, and so far, his track record is impeccable. Calvin’s quest takes him around the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But when the reason and price is right, he transforms himself into the “Avenger” and delivers justice by ‘rendering’ foreign criminals to the United States not killing themso that they will stand trial for their crimes against Americans.

Avenger Book Summary and Study Guide

The first act of the novel introduces Calvin Dexter, the main character of the story. An ordinary middle-aged attorney most of the time, Ftederick Dexter sometimes takes up very risky and private assignments under the code name “Avenger”.

Fast paced international conspiracy thriller set in contemporary times. It’s a pity Forsyth is barely known fredericck most readers beyond his first and famous “Day of the Jackal”. And if I must, I will. The Dogs of War spilled the beans on staging a military coup.


This was adapted for television in the film Avenger starring Sam Elliott. I had never read any books by Frederick Forsyth, although I felt I should have done. It is as Avenger that he is contacted by svenger billionaire whose only grandson has been brutally murdered while serving as a relief worker in Yugoslavia.

Attorney Calvin Dexter hangs his shingle in a quiet New Jersey town, has a reasonably successful practice, and takes the hills strong while triathalon training. The Cobra – Paul Deveraux is properly described on the back cover but a more fitting description can be found while reading the main text: Cain was still fresh in my mind while reading te book.

He bonds with a better educated superior officer and through this avengwr finds the drive to leave the service and work his way through law school. Then of course, the brilliance of James M.

The Forsyth Pointman – Calvin Dexter. Previous Post Paul Strand: The digressions are frequent early on but no page lacks interest and the novel’s second half, which focuses on the Avenger’s attempted snatch of Zilic, is pure gold. Zoran Zillic, being no where to be found and who is a billionaire himself, could buy the best security money can get!

You would do your best to hunt down and beat the Serbian warlord to within an inch of his life and then piece back the S. The final moments when the drugged Eichmann had to be secretly carried up the steps to the airplane almost exposed the operation.

Discover what to read next. To ask other forssyth questions about Avengerplease sign up. Our way of life is faced with serious existential threats. Safe-houses were established and backgrounds set up. Eichmann was nabbed in vintage style.