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This manual is downloaded from the FoxTango site, Yaesu. FRG HF Receiver. Survival Guide. Revision 2 march. If you want to work on your FRG, it is a must to have the manuals and schematics. See: The manuals are very informative and deal. The purpose of this manual is to provide the reader with information critical to the nance of the FRG general coverage communications receiver.

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Yaesu FRV, Yaesu FRV VHF Converter for FRG

After studying the schematic, I trg-7700 a partially defect MC You acknowledge that all comments express the views and opinions of the original author and not those of the administrator. For a fully alignment you need a signal generator with attenuator and a range from 0. The source for trouble is the rectifier, who becomes very hot, so hot in fact that in frg-770 case the wires to the transformer caught fire, and the condenser exploded. Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.

The diode wires were very corroded, so I changed all three diodes. For the rest of the mods it is necessary to remove the receiver board from the receiver.

Use only fitting plastic or ceramic alignment sets. I put in a couple of protection diodes over the LM, for safety reasons.

Free Service Manuals

The rag chewers are not always at exactly the same frequency, and constantly tuning with the main dial is no fun, because you easily overcompensate, losing all information. While I had the meter out, I searched my junk box, and found a VU meter from an old cassette deck, which was a near- perfect fit.

I could see that here had been a very frustrated amateur at work, who had turned on every coil and frg-77700, in the process making more trouble than he started with. The stability of the VFO is just the same as vrg-7700, and also the calibration of the analog scale is not affected.


The only parts that can give trouble after longer use are the mechanical parts as switches and controls. For AM however, the displayed frequency is correct, if the received station is tuned in the center of frh-7700 filter. All mode communications receiver.

The remaining problem was now the counter and the clock.

My experience with 4 of this receivers is that most of the failures I encountered, where man-made by amateurs who never read a handbook, but first plug in a soldering iron, and sell the set when the smoke has settled, mznual then often try it again with the next set coming their way…. The power supply works fine, and stays much cooler than the original one.

Yaesu FRG-7700 Instruction Manual

This is very impossible to repair, so Amnual clean the plates rigorously and after that use a good automobile wax to make the best of them. I checked the resistance of the movement and even that was almost the same.

Change the band switch to the 29 Mhz band and adjust T for a reading of 7. On this site are also modifications, pictures, descriptions and more.

By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: See for yourself at www. If you should obtain a memory module, the only thing you have to change, is pulling the wire off the mnual, and connect the plug to the memory module. It has no special bells and whistles, but is designed with the short-wave listener in mind. It seemed to me that both sideband oscillators were manal at the same time, but I could not see how, because the sideband switch was working correctly.


Be careful if you buy from Internet, there are many guys manuzl advertise with a receiver in good condition, but when it arrives it is a box full of junk. First I had to construct a new power supply, because the owner had thrown away the burned board, but fortunately had still the original transformer, complete with burn marks and burned wires.

Try to make this adjustments very careful, often these voltages are too high, resulting in a loss of range or a failure to lock properly, with a high noise level as result.

There is not much difference between the first and manyal last receivers, the only thing I saw was a different coupling frg–7700 the frequency scale to the dial mechanism. Other numbers are M1C marchwith memory module and 1E May Comments 0 No comments yet.

The AM Led was checked, and was changed because it seemed at the end of his lifespan. If the receiver is switched off, the display is frh-7700, however power to the IC is always on. In case of a broken core slot, remove the core altogether, and put it in upside down, you have a second try this way. I made a truth table of the 6 input pins of the MB, and soon discovered that pin 15 had no true 0 or 1, but had always a voltage of 3.

The set and frg-7700 module is very stable, but some changes improve the receiver considerably: You agree not to post any material which is knowingly false, obscene, hateful, threatening, harassing or majual of a person’s privacy.