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Fujichrome Provia F Professional RDP-III from FUJIFILM is a daylight- balanced color transparency film that exhibits a super-fine grain structure with vivid and. At Lomography, we absolutely love creative photography. Join our community, share your photos and read the latest photography tips and features. In the film equivalent, I’ve found a “refreshingly cold” film — the Fuji Provia F! I recently tried this film on my trip to Cameron Highlands during one of those.

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Please login to like. The key is to find a scene and to make it as low contrast as you possibly can. In shades, the film reproduced a much more subtle colour range, but is still nevertheless impressive.

Review: Fuji Provia 100F

I’ve used this film out of date by a year and kept refrigerated and I don’t lose any color quality, tonal range remains consistent. Your best results will come when you try to expose for the shadows of a scene. More Interesting Articles Mono-no-Aware: Just shot a roll thru my 60 year Rolleicord that Harry refurbished for me.

Open Innovation Fujifilm’s open innovation is about listening to the customer and innovating together.

But once you are, then go for it! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I switched from Kodachrome 64 to Fuji back in and fuui never looked back.

Say goodbye to the sweltering summer days and hello to the heartwarming hues of fall. I do seem to notice more vignetting that negative film when shot wide open 100f the same equipment or maybe its my imaginationbut for my purposes it usually enhances the result. With progia said, landscape and architecture photographers will greatly appreciate everything they can get with this film. Rich Tone Reproduction Smooth gradation reproduction with superb depth, thanks to bias-free, brilliant highlights and excellent highlight-to-shadow gradation linearity.


Rated 5 out of 5 by Lars from Love this stuff but The recent price hike is terrible. See any errors on this page?

Excellent reciprocity characteristics also make this film highly suitable for use during long exposures and ensures consistent film speeds and coloring across multiple and extended exposures.

Improved Reciprocity Characteristics Increased resistance to loss in film speed and color balance during long exposures, as well as consistently accurate multiple-exposure performance. Processed e6 at home, this film had moderate contrast and moderate to heavy saturation. Essentially, find some consistent, diffused light and expose for the skin tones. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Film base isn’t too thin, and it dries with little curl, allowing easy mounting in cardboard slides. Next to the sadly deceased Kodachrome stock there is simply no better color reversal film.

No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox. Grain is smooth and sharpness is wonderful without being too sharp. The film really likes a lot of light and in some situations where I overexposed by around a stop, I sometimes wished I overexposed even more. Ignore the expiration date as Fuji assures me their processing center, Dwayne’s Photo of Parsons, Kansas, will honor them as long as they are given enough slide business to keep the chemicals flowing.

I also prefer this over Ektar because of the long exposures you can do without the color shift. Don’t be afraid to x-pro is also, its great for that lo-fi kind of crazy stuff that the kids do these days with their plastic cameras. Rated 5 out of 5 by artgeek from my most shot film just after buying 010f few boxes of this magical film, I received 3 more boxes as a birthday gift from a friend. Great film but it fuki like Fuji wants to price this so high to stage it for discontinuation.

Provia got discontined a couple of years ago, but Provia can be pushed a stop or 2 with good results. Even when I scan my chromes, I have a guide I can return to to help me make decisions about how to work with the digital files.



Lomography tries to understand the meaning of each complex color found in the gradient and what it means for most of us photographers. Suited to a wide range of applications, such as product, landscape, nature and fashion photography as well as portraiture. Rated 5 out of 5 by drawnbythelight from Great x-pro film!

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Fujifilm Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. Shame on Kodak for that! Technologies A technology company, Fujifilm is engaged in a wide variety of endeavors. Their content is mostly composed of photographic tips, tutorials, behind the scenes of photoshoots, as well as product reviews. There aren’t that many brands of film left, but that doesn’t mean they stopped making the good stuff.

Film: Fuji Provia F 35mm · Lomography

In Stock Update Location close. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Rated 5 out of 5 by Radio Tim from Beautiful!!!! Inspire yourself with the signs of life for this week’s Monday Moodboard. After all, there’s a reason why I’m still shooting film and it isn’t because I can’t afford to go digital!

Who would 100c guessed that the first Monday of would also be the first day of the New Year? I think the only medium out there that surpasses it skin-tone wise is Fuji’s FPC instant film. I’ve used various Fuji films as well such as Velvia, Astia and Sensia, but I still feel Provia is the best and most accurate time after time. Scans on my Epson V flatbed turn out beautifully.