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Nagraj (“Snake-King”) (नागराज in Devanagari script) is a fictional superhero appearing in Raj Comics,. Created in the late s by Sanjay Gupta, Firt story. A year after Sairat, Nagraj Manjule returns to cinema as an actor in a Marathi film. The writer-filmmaker on how not to play a villain and why. Likes, 86 Comments – Lasya Nagraj (@lasyanagraj) on Instagram: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all.

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Nagraj, in this first mission, was tasked with stealing a golden statue of a Goddess from a temple that was protected by magraj devotees, snakes, and by a mysterious year-old Sadhu named Baba Gorakhnath. Since Nagraj had lost a very major part of this power courtsey See Through, he doesn’t try stupid stunts and makes minimum use of this power cause if he tries shapeshifting into something beyond his power limit then he might not be able to funn a new body and left bodiless like See Through or maybe even die.

One day when the queen was going to pray to Deva Kaljayi, Nagpasha replaced the curtained plate of her offerings to the god with one containing a dead mongoose. Nagraj used it for the first time fusing with the legendary five in order to fight against a creature created by Nagina. They did so and discovered that the baby was far more venomous than the greatest snake on Nagdweep, which was Mahatma Kaaldoot, indicating that he had divine venom of the god.

Most notable names among them are:.

He though looks and behaves like nsgraj idiot and talks non-sense, but he is the one who can never be underestimated. It is explained that Lord Shiva who holds the strongest venom of the universe synthesised during Samudra-Manthan, gave a minor portion of it to Deva Kaljayi who holds a dilute form of it and Nagraj holds an even more dilute form of it.

The production of more episodes was placed on indefinite hiatus. An episodic series was in works, and a teaser was uploaded on YouTube featuring Nagraj and his arch enemy Jadugar Shakoora.


Nagraj | Just a fun sketch as fan art. Pencilled digitally &… | Flickr

Is that what attracted you to the role? In reality, Nagraj was much more poisonous than any species of snakes because his venom was celestial. Will more stories emerge from these experiences? Despite all his efforts Vishwamitra failed to fulfil his promise. This power of Nagraj once as a nagrah temporarily cured Richa love interest of Super Commando Dhruva of her disease pertaining respiratory system. Many of Nagraj’s fans believe that, over time, Nagraj’s comics have developed a snake mythology of its own, which is unique to the popular Indian beliefs about snakes that are prevalent among the masses.

Whether or not the actor connects to the story does not matter so much. If I watch too many films, I find that I get distracted and then references start to creep into my own work. It was first intended to be a four-part mini-series, but later, the series was extended to include more issues. fuh

The crystal would divert all the poison from the queen’s body to the child’s body. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a reader, you can take from someone, but do you also want to give, do you want to express something? Vish-funkar Nagraj uses his breath to force out his venom in vapour form, depending upon its concentration the vish-funkar can cause a variety of damages to his enemies.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Largely based on Ffun epic Ramayanathe story narrowly follows the same storyline as of the epic, but with Raj Comics characters filling in the places of original characters.

Nagraj – Wikipedia

Seeing fn powers of the rishi and alarmed by his act the gods themselves descended upon earth and convinced him to drop his decision. This happened in the issue Nagadhishwhen he threw the controlling fjn of a serpent court official into orbit.

Does it reflect your reality? I believe these fnu have always happened, but maybe not like right now. After the clouds cleared there were many human skeletons lying at various places as a proof of the viciousness of Nagraj’s venom. Raj Comics superheroes Superhero comics Indian comics Fictional Indian people Comics characters with superhuman strength Fictional telepaths Comic martial artists Fictional shapeshifters Fictional characters who can move at superhuman speeds Fictional characters with accelerated healing comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Indian superheroes.


Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Indic text. He gained his venom nagrj the blessings of snake deity Deva Kaaljayi, who himself was blessed by Lord Shiva. Nagraj succeeded in his task, but upon confrontation with Gorakhnath and his mystic black mongoose shikangi, was defeated. Not able to withstand a devotee’s death, Deva Kaljayi showed him a way to save the queen’s life.

Nagraj Manjule’s Most Funny Speech At Sairat Success Party | Rinku, Akash | Marathi Movie 2016

This form of Nagraj is called Maanas Nagraj. In ancient times, there existed a kingdom known as Takshaknagar, ruled by King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita. For unknown reasons, the priest narrated a fake story that the child belonged to a woman, who was a devotee of the Snake God. When Rishi Vishwamitra applied his nafraj to send him towards heaven, the Gods applied counter-force to oppose him.

Nagpasha was overjoyed that he was now the sole heir to the throne. Vishwamitra after realizing that Trishanku had evil intentions left him hanging. This article is about the comics superhero.

This enraged Nabraj, he saw this act of the Gods as his insult, so he used his power to call upon nagrah power which was used for the creation of the Universe. Whosoever came in contact with it died instantly and their bodies melted. He has a number of powers, such as superhuman strength, poisonous breath and poison-bite, instant healing powers, and snakes that come out of his wrists. He wears a jacket and a trouser and has longer hair.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Amitabh Bachchan is acting in your next film.