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Fundamentos de Comunicacion Humana (Spanish Edition) [Melvin L. De Fleur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BOOKS IN SPANISH. by Melvin DeFleur;Patricia Kearney;Timothy Plax;Margaret DeFleur Fundamentos de Comunicacion Humana (Spanish Edition). Feb by Melvin L. Margaret H. DeFleur. Fundamentos de comunicación humana McGraw-Hill/ Interamericana, cop. Topogràfic: Fun. Fonaments de comunicació.

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Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and – unesdoc – Unesco

The lessons learnt at rock art sites already on the List have thus highlighted the need for greater international cooperation. In that Decision, the Committee called for research on the presence and potential of cultural representations linked to prehistoric archaeology to be initiated under the Global Strategy for a Representative, Balanced and Credible World Heritage List.

Such a balance must be monitored carefully to ensure that measures introduced to protect one aspect do not detract from the other. Her experience in fields such as the financing of education or the evaluation of education systems did not affect her unremitting predisposition to advocate an enriching approach to science in every one of the subjects that she was called on to deal with in our Organization. Paris, Editions du Seuil.

The sequence continued until plants and animals were completely and effectively domesticated. This record is increasingly precious as our inherited storehouse of knowledge about the foundations and diversity of human life, experience and social behaviour. The Ethics of Archaeology. Her conviction of the rightness of promoting a dde dialogue to deliberate on what it is that makes us culturally, anatomically and intellectually human persuaded everyone that UNESCO was where that debate should take place.

Authenticity and integrity are linked to scientific recognition e. Explore joint private-public sector practices to identify best training practices and ensure funding sustainability.

The challenge now is to remain alert to the way in which technologies can continuously reveal new information about the authenticity and integrity of heritage property dating back to our remotest past.

Interpretation should be provided to show visitors what the significance is. Movable artefacts Surface artefacts such as stone tools, bone and pottery are found at many of the sites, adding to the interest of the site as they are clearly visible, but are also vulnerable to deflleur and destruction.


The transition from a world of immediacy to a world of storing, with a seasonal calendar and a growing population, now seems to be the result of reaping the benefits of agriculture Guilaine, Operating within the framework of the Global Strategy, the Action Plan on HEADS supports a move away from a primarily architectural view of cultural heritage towards one which is more anthropological, multi-functional and universal.

Palaeoecological studies, for example, are essential as human adaptation and evolution are highly dependent on climate and landscape changes.

Maurice Godelier, 34 Nuria Sanz Esta es una historia sin principio ni final. Conservation and Monitoring 3. The important interpretation work which will need to be put in place will rely on staff essentially hired at local level.

The monitoring programme for a rock art property is often a good barometer of the dedication to conservation and implementation of the management plan. Museo de Addis Ababa, patrimonio mueble, Australopithecus afarensis. Margaret H DeFleur ; et al. These images, perfect from the outset, were the fruit of the labour of the conscious mind and of a human group that, feeling the irresistible need to look outwards, turned those forms into vantage points from which they projected their world views, as if those early images embodied the ongoing invention of a new way of life in the world.

Singularities leave the most seasoned experts bemused. From the outset, we advocated a non-dissociative archaeological methodology for defining Outstanding Universal Value without first studying epistemological traditions as inputs into an analytical methodology.

The collective responsibility improves the likelihood of efficient and effective management that will keep the resource safe for the future. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Implementation needs more rock art specialists and cooperation is required to train the new generation and to pass technical skills on to custodians, especially people in local communities. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es.

McGraw-Hill Education

It is therefore vitally important to take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of such properties, situated as they are at the crossroads of the natural and cultural heritage, so that they can be interpreted and their authenticity and integrity properly appraised.


Recommendations for good practice Conservation and training The importance of conservation is clear, but we need a proper strategy for conservation that considers both the rock art and the rock on which it is placed in order to preserve the physical properties of both.

The project will primarily involve an interdisciplinary cooperation dealing with the natural history and cultural diversity related to human evolution: In turn, metalworking prompts the quarrying of raw materials and long-distance transport. The interface between 1 values and 2 conservation and management was outlined as below. The World Heritage List should therefore reflect its importance and diversity worldwide in a representative, balanced and credible List.

Similarly, small sites of significance that provide one important piece of a larger puzzle are margarett grouped with others to justify the OUV collectively and share the benefits of World Heritage listing. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Although 6 out of the 15 responses stated that the legal framework protecting the properties has some deficiencies, 11 were satisfied that it comunicaciln adequate and 13 acknowledged that it needed enforcement.

Fundamentos de comunicación humana

An international meeting to review the recommendations of the World Heritage Committee at its 33rd session, and to address the direction of the Programme in preparation of the finalization of the Action Plan for submission to the 34th session of the World Heritage Committee in The inventory of rock art in Amazonia is spectacular. It would not be unreasonable to begin including oral recordings in World Heritage files as evidence of the practice and significance of rock art in contemporary societies.

Ideally, multidisciplinary research should be linked to teaching or mentoring programmes designed to meet the needs arising from problems identified marfaret sites of a similar type. The text of the Tentative List has been examined by the group and some elements have been discussed: In addressing the recommendations of the World Heritage Committee, discussions were elaborated resulting in the Programme title.