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Style 98 is manufactured from high purity (95%+ carbon assay) premium carbon staple yarn. Individual yarns are single-end coated and single-end dried prior to. Garlock-TUF简本 – Garlock Seals and Sealing Systems Garlock Sealing Style FEP and Style Valve stem packings for high. for steam service, Garlock developed Style ST The inorganic PH. Valve Stem Packing Style is a Steam with high temperature/pressure.

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Style FEP does not require the use of end rings.

If found otherwise, correct by remachining or shimming as on glass-faced flanges. Proprietary materials and exclusive designs for both metric and imperial sizes are available. When compressing the DSA set the cup and cone rings expand radially to form a positive seal against both the shaft and the housing. It combines the easy installation features of an braided packing with the proven superior sealing properties of expanded pure graphite rings.

There may be differences in practical operation because of the various operating conditions. In a wide range of service conditions.

Detailed test results are available upon request. Installation A few simple precautionary measures must be observed in installation to ensure the most satisfactory joint. Sealing surface requirements Shaft finish? A graphite packing made from high purity expanded flexible graphite for maximum sealability and integrity. Garlock Soot Blower Sets offer exceptional safety, reliability, and performance.


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Based on the sophisticated geometry DSA requires less axial load than other common packing solutions. Style TC Graphite Gasket Reinforced with tanged stainless steel core and with stainless steel insert. Available in both metric and inch sizes. Garlock Reliability Affiliated to EnPro — an industrial corporation with wideranging interests — Garlock offers extensive opportunities for longterm product and market development.

Where by both components have been sintered together homogeneously. Used in maintenance applications in steel mills, mining, pulp and paper plants, marine etc. Split rings offer easy installation and eliminate the need to dismantle the equipment.

It is particularly suited for service against hydrofluoric acid and other strong chemicals such as potassium and sodium hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, aluminium fluoride stylf chrome plating solutions.

Minimum coefficient of friction? Small housing dimensions, simple installation? For steam application see page 4. Service Style FEP Steam and power generation, applications with high temperature and high pressure combinations. Synthetic Yarn packing with Aramid Sand, slurry and salty solution pumps.

Mixers and agitators in virtually all industry. Garlock of Canada Ltd. Style provides a very soft surface, particularly suited for flanges with uneven surfaces and where bolts can not be tightened strongly. Varying graphite densities perform an excellent stress-distribution, applied through the gland follower. IFG is produced to meet most service requirements. PS-SEAL Floating Seal Devices have successfully sealed mixers, agitators and other equipment with shaft deflection greater than other seals can absorbe.


Compression Packing

Style 98 is also an excellent valve varlock packing. This innovative design reduces valve stem friction and valve actuator force by eleminating valve stem leakage. Garlock offers a full range of field proven pump packing systems designed to be reliable and cost-effective.

Safe, reliable, and long-lasting valve packing solutions. Style FEP and Style Valve stem packings for high temperature and high pressure combinations particularly in steam services.

Premature failure could occur as a result. Applicable in pressure and vacuum? General service ePTFE packing for pump and mixer applications.

Drastical reduction of leakage? Typical conditions for GYLON gasketing are found in the food, chemical and petrochemical industry, pulp and paper plants and pharmaceutical industry. P x T is approved. These materials are made of pure PTFE without fillers. Information contained in ggarlock catalogue does therefore not constitute or imply any representation of warrantee. The gaskets are installed between flanges and subjected to varying pressures and differing temperatures.