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Introduction to the functions of GENEX Nastar GSM •Network Monitoring and Analysis. •Network Problem Location and Analysis •Report Auto-Generation and . Oct 14, NASTAR Basic User Training Analysis by: E2E NW Opt Team Date: 25 April GSM MR Analysis Task Area of TopN TRXs or Problematic TRXs Area of TRXs Area of Counter genex u net delivery 培训引导胶片. Mar 1, ONO11 iManager Nastar VR GSM Performance Analysis System Application. . ONP21 GENEX Probe VR GSM Operation.

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Get familiar with parameter configuration Parameter configuration is a key factor influencing the network performance. Moreover, the maximum number of CEs in the downlink reaches 97 when congestion occurs, indicating that there is indeed big traffic and power resource congestion is a fact. When the DCCC switch is on, the code resources that do not need to be occupied will be released and the corresponding power resources will also be released.

Increase micro cells in hot spots 4. The problem is thus solved. Text messages restored on your Android phone are removed by your naughty small kid accidentally?

Below is a brief description of relevant operations of CHR analysis: Moreover, the Node B has two cells and the traffic of the two cells together will be even higher. How to do this? Therefore, you will be familiar with the traffic measurement index structure of Nastar and find it easy to use once you are familiar with the Help file of traffic measurement.

More PhoneRescue for Android 3. The PCHs consume plenty of power; 3.

GENEX Probe和Assistant工具介绍_图文_百度文库

Therefore, one E1 cannot satisfy the actual bearer requirements and thus IUB transport congestion may easily occur. Browse the result 7. Still plenty of other means, e. Moreover, as mentioned before, analysis themes can be integrated in templates to enable knowledge transfer and experience sharing.


Home Updates Recent Searches huawei nastar. The more paging messages to 2G subscribers, the lower 3G paging success rate. We can see from the right table that the PS call drop rate is very high for cells,etc.

The relationship between logical channel priority and transport channels is not clarified in the protocols. Obviously, the bandwidth of R99 AAL2 paths is set to kbps too small.

With poor geex, the network also contains a great number of missing neighboring cells. As can be seen from the above table, the cause of CS RAB setup failure is air interface failure mostly RB no response and for the cells whose failure rate is not high but with many failures, the average RTWP is above — 92 dBm very high.

Moreover, we may improve the problem analysis efficiency through use of more auxiliary analysis tools, for instance, OMStar can clearly display the network topology and transport layer configuration, and can quickly complete the comparative check of radio naztar parameters; Microsoft office excel has many functions and the macro function that can greatly help improve grnex analysis efficiency. Being regretted to have erased those valuable info?

Possibly the DCCC switch is off. Therefore, the problem of missing neighboring cell configuration solved. Analyze if the relevant parameter configuration is abnormal or not. So we recommend that natar settings be changed to the same as in Hong Kong and Brunei so that soft handover becomes more smooth and the call drop rate can be improved. Site hsm Because the paging success rate kept being rather low for a number of days, we preliminarily determined that there was little possibility of weak coverage.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. After the modification, the service RRC connection setup success rate and the gneex RRC connection setup success rate both reach the normal KPI requirement and the problem is thus solved, as shown in the following table: RLC reset, uplink out- of-sync, UU interface no responseetc.


Huawei 2G/3G RF Optimization – Genex, Nastar, WCDMA, Optimization

The failure symptom is as follows: Your phone has smashed and everything has gone? Therefore, a major reason of the high call drop rate may be geenex this function switch is on. The program will start executing gehex query according to the analysis theme you have specified. Press the Uninstall button. We should understand all the indices covered in this Help file. The information on this page is only about version 2.

Please refer to the relevant guide, e. Skip to main content.

The uplink call admission algorithm of the two cells uses Algorithm 2. In some guidance documents about RF optimization, we are often natsar to modify pilot channel power as an optimization means. Gsj is a comprehensive analysis of the script settings: We have been focusing our research on image stitching.

The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only, and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and conditions. Get familiar with traffic measurement indices Performance analysis is largely based on traffic statistics, so we should be familiar with traffic measurement indices.

See the following figure for the CHR analysis interface. Please refer naastar the online help or relevant operation guide of Nastar for details. After the software version upgrade, the RRC connection setup success rate in the network reaches the normal KPI requirements and thus the problem is solved, as shown in the following table: