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Ghurar al-hikam wa durar al-kalim (Arabic:غُرَرُ الحِکَم و دُرَرُ الکَلِم) is a collection of short quotations from Imam ‘Ali (a) that was compiled by Abu. Ghorar al Hikam. We feel great pleasure to put this book in App form in English language, which has all the traditions from Ameerul Momeneen H. Ali (a.s.). The Ghurar al-Hikam wa Durar al-Kalim (Arabic: غرر الحکم و درر الکلم lit. The Nahj al-Balagha (Arabic: نهج البلاغة Nahj-ul Balāgha(h), Arabic pronunciation.

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It spans several decades fhurar forms an important part of early Islamic history. Completed My favor upon you, and have chosen For you Islam as your Religion. He became known as a both just and fair ruler. History of Islam Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Al-Jafr is a mystical Shia holy book[1][2] compiled, according to Shia belief, by Ali and inherited by him from Muhammad.

It contains about 11, short sayings. By calling so, they call regard Ali as a right mediator of grace between people and the God. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ghurar Al-Hikam – Ali Maula

Shi’ite scholars also believe other Imams have been referred in the Quran. Member feedback about Shaheed-e-Kufa: The main subject of this book is discussing Hadith of the pond of Khumm according to Sunni documents. Also some Sahaba tried to persuade him to Amr ibn al-As, one of Mu’awiyah’s companions, wanted to become the governor of Egypt.


Muhaddith Nuri, Mirza Husayn. Member feedback about Sunni view of Ali: Anwar al-fiqaha kitab al-bay’. Member feedback about Alids: This work has recently been translated into English.

Ghurar al-Hikam includes quotations and aphorisms of Ali ibn Abi Talib. Ali bin Abi Talib took hl in all the battles of Prophet Muhammad’s time, except the Battle of Tabuk, as standard bearer. For this reason, the Quran as it exists today is also known as the Uthmanic codex.

He criticizes Jahiz for including such few hadith and then says:. Anwar al-fiqahah Kitab al-Bay’. Hadith literature Written sources of the 11th century.

Ghurar al-hikam wa durar al-kalim (book)

InMuhammad and a group of 1, Muslims marched peacefully without arms towards Mecca, in an attempt to perform the Umrah pilgrimage. This is due to a place in his introduction where he praises Imam ‘Ali a with the title, “KarramAllah-u Wajh-ah” meaning, “May Allah honor his name”.

Tahir Ridha Jaffer has translated this work in English. He grew up in a sophisticated, religious family. Pages with template loops Good articles Articles containing non-English-language text Pages with editorial box Articles with quality and priority assessment B grade priority articles A grade quality articles B grade priority and hkam grade quality articles Articles with appropriate links Articles with photo Articles with category Articles with infobox Articles with navbox Articles with redirects Articles with references.

Member feedback about Timeline of Ali’s life: This commentary explains certain concepts and ghurzr in the hadith in addition to points in theology, literature, ethics, interpretation jl the Qur’anjurisprudence and philosophy.

The author has collected these hadith from books such as Nahj al-BalaghahJahiz hikan Mi’at KalimahTuhaf al-‘Uqul and Dastur ma’alim al-Hikam ; however, he has omitted all references.


The Rashidun were eit The Caliph Al-Mutawakkil flooded the site inbut Abu’l-Hayja, the Hamdanid ruler of Mosul and Aleppo, rebuilt the shrine inwhich included a large dome. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. There are many Persian translations of this book and the only available commentary of this book is written by Agha Jamal Kwansari.

It was subsequently released on DVD, with other editions including one with English sub-titles, ghirar one dubbed into Urdu.

Expulsion of the Bani Qainuqa Jews from Medina. Ghurar al-hikam is a famous hadith book among the Shi’a and several supplements and a commentary have been written on it.

Ghurar al-hikam wa durar al-kalim (book) – WikiShia

Member feedback about Ali: The prophet chose him as his brother. Ali in Muslim culture topic Except for Muhammad, there is no one in Islamic history about whom as much has been written in Islamic languages hokam Ali. There are many Persian translations of this book and the only available commentary of this book is written by Agha Jamal Kwansari. Introduction of Ghurar al-Hikam.

He is also revered in many hadiths of Muhammad such as the famous hadith: Member feedback about History of the Quran: After migrating to Medina, he married Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah.

Member feedback about Ali in the Quran: