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WHEN THE GHOST DOG HOWLS centers on another controversy coming from the frightening and bizarre Horrorland gift shop. Given the last. Twelve-year-olds Andy and Marnie had an awesome week in HorrorLand- despite their freaky encounter with Murder the Clown and the zombie mob. Then they. Andy and Marnie buy a magical tooth at the amusement park souvenir shop that can grant wishes and more.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Andy who buys it. May 18, Josiah rated it did not like it. May 12, Alex rated it liked it.

The dog could still smell them, though. The dog’s tooth has a backstory that neither Andy nor Marnie really believe, but when they get it out into the real world, there’s no denying that the legend must be true; the tooth grants wishes to whomever holds it, mostly without the dreadful consequences of literal-mindedness that affect most wishing hoerorland in stories.

Eventually finds out it can grant him any wish he wants and he is having the time of his life.

At first, Andy wishes that he and Marine to be invisible but because of that, they can’t touch anything. Apr 20, Jose Ramirez rated it really liked it. Reading this story will make you say that too.

When The Ghost Dog Howls by R.L. Stine

Jul 19, Becky Bailey rated it it was amazing. Jul 19, Salman added it Shelves: I enjoy many of the books by R. Then the old man said that there was a big tooth they both wanted it and Marnie said she dosnt want so Andy got it and he said how much does it cost he said pay me next time then they both went home and started making wishes and they were all true and they were happy.


In Horrorland eerie gift shop finds a hound’s tooth necklace. They start making wishes it they realise it isn’t fake and when Andy takes a trip to the mall, he drops the tooth in orange soda. So mostly children would just enjoy the ride and not the ending.

Want to Read saving….

When The Ghost Dog Howls

Oct 25, Madison rated it it was amazing. What does the “Little Horror” figurine that is thrown in along with the tooth as a “free gift” have to do with everything?

I would recommend this book wjen to someone under the age of 12, because someone my age would be just as mad as me when the get to the end of the book. The two start making wishes and find out that the tooth does work.

I liked this book, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes books by R. Something catches his eye, the a giant tooth.

Then they think they’ve won big when they get a FREE souvenir from HorrorLand’s Chiller House-and they’re not so worried that the shopkeeper said they’d have to “pay later. The plot itself kept me interested, but the ending was vague and unoriginal. The man from the chiller house told Andy not to get the tooth wet, but didn’t say why.

She was getting heaps of free stuff and winning a lot of stuff as well, so she didn’t want to give the tooth back to Andy.


The owner doog them that it grants wishes and warns them to not get it wet. In fact, it seems that this talisman of sorts has virtually no downside. Dec 10, Ashley Walker rated it liked it.

Aug 16, Wendell D’Costa rated it it was amazing.

When the Ghost Dog Howls

Or a scary story that isn’t real? Andy realises that they can’t touch anything, so it would be impossible to do anything So then Andy wishes for them to become visible again, and goosebumpw give the tooth back to the dog. My wheb here is not give away the books but to talk about it. Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children’s author in history.

What I find the most interesting is the side effects when using the tooth, like for instance if he uses the tooth while it is wet it changes the wish and andy finds that out the hard way. Marnie and Andy wished that they were invisible so the dog couldn’t see horrorlabd. Andy has horroorland sense that it must be too good to be true, though. Marnie was winning contests and was getting good clothes and things, so she didn’t want to give the tooth back to Marnie. L Stine, and I know for a fact that his books are very popular.