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Kjo kopje e Katalogut të provimit është e palektoruar dhe teknikisht e parregulluar .. Testi nga gjuha e huaj përbëhet nga tri pjesë: të lexuarit, leksiku/ gramatika. VAREM Trajta e regullt HANGED përdoret kur është fjala për varjen e një personi nga xhelati. Test Model Per Gjuhen Angleze Gramatika e Anglishtes. TEST MODEL PER GJUHEN ANGLEZE Testi i gjuhës angleze, si lëndë me zgjedhje, për provimin e Maturës Shtetërore do të pëmbajë50 kërkesa. Të gjtha k Gramatika (Grammer Exercise) do të ketë 20 kërkesa. 3. Të shkruarit ( Writing).

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Our teacher almost never gives us a lot of homework. Rules for Using Collective Nouns: They are ideas and feelings such as intelligence, love, hate, bravery etc. The rules above do not change and there are no exceptions to the rules. A demonstrative gjuhws can be used such as this, those etc.

Gramatika e gjuhës angleze për fëmijë – UEGEN

What are frequency adverbs? While – The preposition “while” is used to represent the length of time an action has been happening. Our father didn’t help her out. Us – When is Tom going to give us the books. Are your children t heir grandmother’s house.

I am going away you are in school. We ourselves studied for the test. An adverb is a word or a group of words that are used to help define the action of the verb.


Where are you living you are in the United States? Collective nouns can be used in both the singular form and the plural form.

The prepositions usually comes before the noun.

In – Is usually used to state that someone or something is in a the boundaries can be physical or virtual place. The length of the action is not important.

Where did you get your hair cut. Countable nouns – nouns that can be counted, such as car-cars, child-children etc. The frequency adverb is placed before the main verb if the main verb is the Verb “to be”. Why are you so tired? Rules for Using Uncountable Nouns: A common noun is a noun that refers to a person, thing and place.

In this case it is common that an adjective is used with with the “linking verb”, but the adjective doesn’t describe the verb. It is common for the preposition to be placed before the noun. He has always wanted live in Paris. During -The preposition “during” is used to represent the length of time of an action that is while the action is happening.

Superlative adjectives are used to compare 3 or more nouns. The frequency adverb is placed after the main verb if the main verb is not the verb “to be. How long is your class? Uncountable gjuyes only used in the singular tense.

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Pyetje Nga Lenda E Anglishtes

Determiner – a, an, her, five, many, much several etc. We say in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening BUT we say ‘at night’ What are place prepositions?

Nobody is home the weekend. They come before the main verb, except if the main verb is the verb “to be” then adverbs comes after the verb. Time prepositions are used to clarity what time an event happened or will happen.

The dogs are big. When 2 or more adjectives are used together then there is a specific order of the adjectives that is usually followed. Which house is yours? We are sitting the park. All types of nouns follow the same grammar rules. I should exercise carefully. It is not possible to say I need 4 air, or 6 sugar.

What are common nouns? Time Prepositions – Time prepositions define time. Adjectives that end in -e, only -r is added to end of the adjective. It – It was a good cake It – I am glad it worked out in the end.

The children have been playing over an hour.