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Contents[show] About In Patapon 3, instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, . All Patapon 3 Sutras or Summons. All Patapon 3 Sutras o Guia Patapon 2 – Como 31 KB. HD Mortal .. 23 KB. Patapon 3 – Feel the Beat, Destroy Your Foes. All of these rarepons are what the lvl 5 rarepons look like in Patapon 2. Coincidentally, Patapon 3 displays their heroes in lvl 5 rarepon form in tip cards.

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In this feature, you gain Experience Points by defeating enemies, when you gain a specific amount of experience points you level up and you have to gain even more experience points than last time to level up again.

Ancient giants of ten appear on the stretch of wasteland outside the rocky cliff of the hideout. Myamsar is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. His Hero Mode involves jumping into the air, spinning, then slamming his weapon into the ground.

Historically, victory has favored armies with effective close-combat formations.

He is a Greatshield Hero and specializes in defense for your Patapons. Hatapon is the first Patapon that you encounter in all three Patapon games. Taterazay unlocks Tondenga at Lvl.


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Ton’s Fever attack is a jumping spear throw that greatly increases the distance of the projectile while avoiding many paatpon attacks. The order of the regular story missions excluding training patapoon. Jeweled Chest Lvl Ultimate Dragon Kacchindonga [Rare] Suggested: He can equip shields and spears at any level. It is rumored on stormy nights, her face can be seen through the dark barred windows.

Unlocked by leveling up Yumiyacha the Yumipon Uberhero to Lvl. Iron Chest Lv Below the Tomb of Tolerance lies the Depths of Jelousy, a realm strictly off limits to solo adventurers.

Patapon 3 Units

His hero mode is Armageddon which makes “countless shooting stars coalesce and form magic fireballs which rain down upon the entire earth. He is a new Fumya Dekapon-type unit. He uses daggers as weapons but can also equip shivs at lvl.

Sign In Don’t have an account? He is in the form of a Nyontama Rarepon. He is supposed to be an assassin.


Pingrek is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. Tondenga is an Uberhero class introduced in Patapon 3. Piekron is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.

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It is a new class similar to Cannassault. Yumiyacha has low stamina but he is situated at the back of the team so it doesn’t matter. I can not wait to read far more from you.

pqtapon His hero mode heals the other units. It is a Koppen Mahopon. Darkmask Demon Zuttankarmen [Free] Suggested: I know this website presents quality depending posts and additional information, is there any other website which provides these things in quality?

He also has a special class ability that allows him to summon thunder with his attacks after he performs a charge as many as all.

He is a unique Dekaponjudging from the heavy equipment he has and the shield he wields. Zaknel, King of the Desert [Rare] Suggested: His only downside is his flammability.