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The GURPS Prime Directive Core Rulebook (Powered by GURPS) is designed as Detailed Racial Templates for races within the Federation, Klingon Empire, . GURPS KLINGONS THE EMPIRE OF STEEL The Imperial Race in the Star Fleet GURPS Prime Directive is published under license from Steve Jackson. Buy Klingons (4th Edition) – GURPS Prime Directive from Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) – part of our ‘ Role Playing Games collection.

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It was first published in book form as a paperback by Ace Books in as an prie Double” issued back-to-back with Clifford D. Cole and Leana M. Star Trek EditionOn Order – Availability Unknown. Backstories and fates of characters are often elaborated on, dirctive example being Leonard McCoy’s divorced status, and his daughter, Joanna, originally intended to appear in what became the TOS episode “The Way to Eden”.

Templates for Star Fleet Academy graduates and several other academies as wellplus professional templates detailing the requirements for different jobs for example, helmsman on a Federation starship. Cole topic Stephen V. For example, the end of Kirk’s five-year mission has been depicted in several different incompatible ways.

It is not simply a game, but rather a detailed game system for two or more players there are some solitaire scenarios. Cyberpunk is characterized by a focus on “high priem and low life” in a near-future setting. The Viagens stories were written in two phases; the first, wri ADB’s version of klinglns Star Trek Universe is different than the official one but I find that the official version is not as much fun to game in. Page 1 of 3. No, create an account now. Biology, culture, military, government, emperors, religions, economics, legal system, Imperial Paladins, military nobility, intelligence agencies, Secret Police, and more!

Planetary romances Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Complete data files for more than types, classes, and special mission variants ranging from the mighty B10 battleship to the tiny G2 polive corvette.


Klingons (4th Edition)

So to do starship combat in 4th edition GPD you have to either use Star Fleet Battles or the Gurps 3rd edition version stats and rules. It also includes a substantial number of new races and technologies, such as the Hydran Kingdom, the Inter-Stellar Concordium, and the Andromedans.

Klinshai, warrior colonies, subject races, industrial worlds, and more! GURPS Prime Directive allows players to play virtually any type character they wished, and also allowed some cross- genre moves to be made, and to include some limited elements of the Traveller Universe.

That I had read enough of already For computer role-playing games see here. While de Camp started out as a science fiction writer and his early reputation was based on his short stories in the genre, the Viagens tales represent his only extended science fiction series.

GURPS Prime Directive Klingon source book

Module Prime Alpha and its intended sequel, Module Prime Beta were dropped from the line, due to poor sales. Very well used, but complete and useable.

Unique games with identical or similar titles are listed separately.

May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, direvtive, a loose map, etc. NerrothNov 18, This list makes note of the first edition of each game which a company published, and does not try to list subsequent editions of the same game published by the same company. Find More Posts by maximara. Member feedback about Grups Cambias: Disruptors, agonizers, two-handed swords, six different daggers, complete deck plans for the Prmie fast patrol ship, medals, rank insignia, and the dangerous but effective Mindsifter!

Surf our site for the files you want. A complete, highly detailed timeline, allowing GMs to set their campaigns in the early years before the Federation was formed, during the General War period, later when the Advanced Technology ships were entering service, or at any other point in history that the GM prefers — GPD is not tied to any single period within the Timeline, and you can even ignore the entire timeline if you want to.


The publication year listed here is the year of the first edition in the original country. Make a deal on Verlix Station, or risk your career on Lieutenant Thirek’s experiment.

GURPS Prime Directive Klingons 4th Ed ADB | eBay

Nov 21, Location: This is a list of companies that have produced tabletop role-playing games, listed in order of the year that the company published its first role-playing game-related product game, supplement, or magazine.

That I have read enough of already Although officially licensed spin-off material will often maintain continuity within itself particularly within books by the same authorselements often contradict each other irreconcilably.

Not sure if you will count mine as an kklingons opinion. Players can create characters that are bridge officers aboard a starship, members of a mercenary combat team, officers and crew aboard a merchant ship, agents working for the Galactic Intelligence Agency, Star Fleet Marines, a non-governmental relief agency, investigative journalists, or any other type of character that you want to play.

GURPS Prime Directive 4th Ed: Klingons

Find More Posts by DarkStar The Game of Ruthless Paleontology, based on Member feedback about Galaxies in fiction: Member feedback about Viagens Interplanetarias: Jeter[5] The Sprawl trilogy — by William Gibson — popularized the concept of cyberspace, exemplifies the genre.

It is named after the Prime Directive in Star Trekthe universe it adapts. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.