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Pay for Performance and Evaluation System Summary. November Monroe County. Agenda. Pay for Performance. Process breakdown. Halogen Software. Halogen eAppraisal™ Education transforms this administrative task into a strategic activity, so your organization can drive accountability and make the review. Herndon, Virginia-based Network Solutions selected Halogen eAppraisal™ to automate performance evaluations for more than employees in multiple.

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Our industry-leading competency management feature gives you the sophistication and flexibility you need to get truly meaningful assessments and ensure the success of your organization. Track Progress Now you no longer have to guess!

Feedback Central captures in-the-moment coaching tips, feedback and recognition from managers, peers, HR teams and external constituents, providing fuller, richer details come review time. Get straight-forward, line-of-sight views of cascaded corporate goals for both managers and employees: Check for questionable words or comments that can lead to legal halpgen.

Hire Us to Do the Work for You Creating your own performance appraisal forms is really quick and easy. The pack also includes guidelines that give you guidance, tips and tricks for creating your own highly effective forms.

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Employees eappraosal an easy-to-use, self-service interface where they can communicate their capabilities, career goals, preferences and more. Build organizational bench-strength with a broader understanding of individual and organizational competencies, skills and gaps so you can address them with targeted development plans.

The task can absorb precious hours of manager and HR time, fussing with the right words. Create forms using the language and terminology of your workplace.


Halogen eAppraisal

Organizational Goal Management Made Easy Uses the best-practice organization-centric model versus people-centric to align employee goals to the overall organizational strategy. Halogen eAppraisal’s flexibility has been proven over and over again in a broad range of organizations – from agri-business to healthcare.

Talk with a Software Expert…. Managers can easily couple Talent Profile information with data from your talent management processes, to get the information they need to make informed decisions — all from one central location. Use simple keyword search criteria Set up advanced, but very simple-to-use queries based on particular fields or categories to narrow results Do a side-by-side comparison of profiles, or groups of profiles Save the results, print them, or export them to another application for further analysis Give internal recruiters, hiring managers, project leaders and others the tools they need to easily uncover hidden talent, foster collaboration and identify suitable internal candidates, every time.

Present review information using visual or graphical highlights to illustrate ratings or scores. No reviews have been submitted. Employees clearly understand how their productivity contributes directly to the eapprausal of their team, business unit and the organization.

Give employees what they want — accurate, meaningful feedback! A personal view that lets you see activity related to your performance and development A 1st Level view that lets managers see updates on their employees A 2nd Level view that allows senior managers to see activity two levels down in the organization You can group or filter each of these views, as well as set preferences for the data you want to see.


Email reminders appear to come from a person — not a product. Because of this, performance appraisals are often skewed, focusing primarily on recent performance.

An unlimited number of secure views of your employee profiles. Many of our client line hslogen complete reviews in less than half the time. Produce automatic and customized reports. Professional looking performance evaluation forms that are easy to create and maintain are just a click away!

Toggle between different graphical representations bar charts, pie charts, dot charts, etc. Reap the Rewards Organizations that align employee goals with organizational strategy have a much higher probability of successfully executing their business plans. A superior and intuitive profile search capability that lets you easily find and compare suitable internal candidates. Use your own terminology and language. Make it easier for your staff to connect and collaborate.

Create any number of customizable views Define exactly which data fields each role or individual can search, view or update Extend the value of your talent profiles to project leaders, succession managers, mentors, hiring managers, etc. That’s because everything is automated and customizable with point-and-click simplicity. You can group or filter each of these views, as well as set preferences for the data you want to see.