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Hank Wesselman has 12 books on Goodreads with ratings. Hank Wesselman’s most popular book is Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future. The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journeys for the Modern Mystic With permission from the great Kahuna elder, Hale Makua, Hank Wesselman, Ph.D, shares. In the third remarkable book in the Spiritwalker trilogy, Dr. Hank Wesselman reveals what it means to be a scientist, a mystic, and a medicine man in an age of .

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An experiential shamanic workshop that explores the nature of elemental spirits and the shaman’s role wesseoman gatekeeper. Fascinating book with some very interesting ideas. Healing in the Sacred Realms.

This brings about a new worldview for Hank, the author, and his family. We will utilize the classic shamanic journey method to establish connections with our spirit helpers and teachers, ancestral spirits, and possibly descendants.

I loved spiritwaalker book and intend to read it again, when my friend KZ returns it! Yet another amazing non-fiction novel, written by an academic skeptic sliritwalker undergoes a series of strange transformations, turned a posteriori knower of much deeper truths A small part of the story is his speculations about what has happened to bring about this future, in which the phenomenon of global warming plays a large part.

Jun 20, Brandy rated it really liked it.

Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future by Hank Wesselman

Jul 14, Cortina Robinson rated it it was ok. I happen to have some sand from Sand Mountain If this is fact or fiction, either way, this was an enjoyable read. Retrieved 28 July The book comprises a true description of the process of an anthropologist the author who begins to experience strange sensations when falling asleep, which end in his being transported into the body and consciousness of a man called Nainoa who lives years in the future in California.


Jan 04, Joni rated it really liked it. Wesselman became convinced that what he’d experienced were not merely dreams but a visionary encounter with what shamans have long called the ‘spirit world. Join us for a Visionseeker retreat to explore the shamanic method, delve into your inner world and start an inner quest An astonishing true story of an anthroplologist’s quest into a world of magic, mysticism and meaning.

It is a sto Regardless of whether this story is truth or fiction and I so wanted to believe him, but had a hard time suspending my skepticism it is insightful, thought provoking, and an extremely interesting read. Then it became quite addictive. If you don’t believe, or at least have an open mind to these ideas, you won’t like part of this book.

Spirit Walker

Several sy While I found that I couldn’t quite believe that the shamanic journeys into Nainoa’s head were “real” maybe my mind just doesn’t work the same way I read this for the second time. It is the story of someone who risks everything, and whose wisdom and acts of courage may help redeem us. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. And there is no mention of any ascension into the 4th dimension, as indicated by other sources. Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge.

In fact, my scientific training would seem to have preprogrammed me against such an experience. In the 80’s Wesselman and his wife return to some property in the Kona area of Hawaii that has been left untended for some time.

Others With a Similar Name.

But once I got into the book I relinquished myself to it, and just started wwesselman it like a novel. The Bowl of Light: In fact, my scientific training would seem to have preprogrammed me against such an exp “I am about to tell you a most unusual story, a chronicle of hanj that happened to me while I was living on the flank of an active volcano on the island of Hawai’i.


Scientific minded anthropology professor gets spontaneous visits from Spirit creatures and people from the future.

I don’t know if I believe in it, but it left me to think about what we are doing and what the future holds. What did Nainoa seek from Dr. I would have rated it at a five if it weren’t for the way the adventure tale style of recounting the journeys rubbed me wrong. It is indicated that catastrophc earth changes will soon occur presumably at the end of but the author does not mention this.

Hank Wesselman

But this is apparently a matter beyond the range of this book. This book was a fun read, but the question of authenticity will be up to the reader. To ask other readers questions about Spiritwalkerplease sign up.

Visit our site www. It seems to me that this alone does not explain the entirety of what it would take to cause this future, however. Honaunau, Hawaii Current city. Not since Castaneda’s tutelage under the Yacqui Indian guide Don Juan has there been a spiritual autobiography quite like Spiritwalker. When Wesselman merged with Nainoa it was as though the two existed “simultaneously within one physical body”, and Nainoa seemed unaware of the other’s presence.

I loved following along the author’s inner process of both experiencing something incredible, and trying to reconcile it with his identity as a scientist and with modern life. Message from the Stone Clan. Nainoa himself begins to experience these states and meets the same personages, though his “leopard-man is called the “tiger man”.

A Shamanic Path spiritwalkee a Life of Wonder.

The last one gives yo hints. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.