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“The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall” by Edgar Allan Poe. HansPfaall. This is a cool short story by Poe that I would place in the. Your Excellencies may perhaps be able to remember an humble artizan, by name Hans Pfaall, and by occupation a mender of bellows, who. Your Excellencies may perhaps be able to remember an humble artizan, by name Hans Phaall, and by occupation a mender of bellows, who, with three others.

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The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall

Avery enjoyed it and so did I! Rather than commit suicide to escape his debts, Hans Pfaall decides to travel to the moon by hot air balloon.

There are many passages where Poe incorporates writing that comes across as very scientific. I still fell with horrible rapidity, and was now not more than half a mile from the surface.

The Unparalled Adventures of One Hans Pfaall

For more information, please see http: Puss, who seemed in a great measure recovered from her illness, now made a hearty meal of the dead bird and then went to sleep with much apparent satisfaction. A slight headache, accompanied with a sensation of fulness or distention about the wrists, the ankles, and the throat, was nearly all of which I had now to complain.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It had lost, in a great measure, the deep tint of blue it had hitherto worn, being now of a grayish-white, and of a lustre dazzling to the eye.

OMG, the massive boredom.

Sleep was a matter nearly out of the question. Edgar was the second of three children.

The Unparalled Adventures of One Hans Pfaall

I’ve always been fascinated with travelling to distant places, and I can’t think of a more exciting adventure than the one described here: This, of course, was a matter of little consequence; for had I even been able to place a window at top, the balloon itself would have prevented my making any use of it. Fairly amusing, but it didn’t really engage me that much. It is now high time that I should explain to your Excellencies the object of my perilous voyage.


Poe later wrote that the flippant tone of the story made it easy for educated readers to see through the supposed hoax. This plug I pushed in or pulled out, as might happen, until, after a few experiments, it arrived at that exact degree of tightness, at which the water, oozing from the hole, and falling into the pitcher below, would fill the latter to the brim in the period of sixty minutes.

I breathed, however, at every moment, with more and more difficulty, and each inhalation was attended with a troublesome spasmodic action of the chest.

His contributions to other genres are undeniable, specifically that of science fiction. But even so, longer stories were not Poe’s forte and it shows, which is mostly why a star is lost here. It lay beneath me like a chart- and pafall I judged it to be still at no inconsiderable distance, the indentures of its surface were defined to my vision with a most striking and altogether unaccountable distinctness.

At a vast distance to the eastward, although perfectly discernible, extended the islands of Great Britain, the entire Atlantic coasts of France and Spain, with a small portion ptaall the northern part of the continent of Africa. At a quarter-past eight, being no longer able to draw breath without the most intolerable pain, I proceeded forthwith to adjust around the car the apparatus belonging to the pcaall.


The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Phall by Edgar Allan Poe

Grimm’s improvements upon the apparatus for condensation of the atmospheric air. Then Hanz came suddenly into still noonday solitudes, where no wind of heaven ever intruded, and where vast meadows of poppies, and slender, lily-looking flowers spread themselves out a weary distance, all silent and motionless forever.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But on the whole, what a boring book.

That’s all I can imagine he had in mind when he wrote this, as there is not much else of note in this story. View all 3 comments. But, to be brief, I must have my reward. His Excellency stooped to take it up.

The longer I meditated upon these the more intense grew the interest which pdaall been excited within me. I was, therefore, in great fear of their leaving me altogether.

However, on a deeper level, Poe was emphasi The rating is based on personal opinion of how I loved the story.

Arose in good health and spirits, and was astonished at the singular change which had taken place in the appearance of the sea. Nov 26, Natalie rated it it was ok Shelves: My experience with Poe isn’t as expansive as I’d like it to be, even as an entire collection of his works sits–mostly unread–on my cluttered desk with even more unread books, huzzah.