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So Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri have published a Declaration regarding the global social movements of and their implications. Declaration was originally a self-published electronic pamphlet by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri on the Occupy movement that was released as a “Kindle. Hardt, M. and A. Negri () Declaration. Argo Navis Author. Services. Opening: Take Up the Baton. This is not a manifesto in which they lay out a plan.

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A series of intellectuals and celebrities made appearances at Neri Park, but no one could consider any of them leaders; they were guests of the multitude.

Academic rewards are always held out for segueing away from the concept of class and nearer to the concept of ‘the people’ as a general category. And sometimes the bourgeois media like this, when it is in their interests, on other occasions however it is taken as the extreme of anti democratic behavior.

How is Tiqqun similar to Hardt and Negri? Academic plaudits from journal publishing in this sense loses some of its allure anyway. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Others chimed in on occupy being shallow on the topic of war in general, and not letting Cyndi Sheehan speak. Most important to the subject of democracy for them is ‘representation’: We would not want to overemphasize ‘ Kraft durch Freude’ of course, but nonetheless, are not these tent cities also reminiscent of army encampments, with their ‘field hospitals’ and supply lines, etc? The Origins of Totalitarianism. The Theory of Psychoanalysis. The economic concept is thus a way to avoid identity politics and the essentializing of difference, since class can be fixed while its content individuals may change.

From Debt to Land: Whilst we can see that one tendency of advanced capitalism is increasingly to make all products also services which you pay for continuously, it is a different thing to claim this relation has overtaken that of capital to labor.

On Hardt and Negri’s “Declaration”

These meanings are now already becoming part of a new common sense. You must log in to post a nardt. It has since been published in paper form by Argo-Navis. Why should there not be councils for all forms of labor in a socialist system?

Declaration (book) – Wikipedia

They are foundational principles that we already take to be inalienable rights, like those that were heralded in the course of the eighteenth-century revolutions. Immaterial labor in turn must be understood as a nergi of ‘biopolitical labor’ the example given is that of communication, which can be understood as ‘symbolic-analytic’ work. Dear Nicolas Mirzoeff, Thank you for your run through of and thoughts on this text. To explore these frequencies HN use four main figures: Retrieved from ” https: Possibilities of resistance are always clearer when there is an obvious, more immediate, colonial, imperial past to overcome, to which declaartion struggles may be subordinated at every class level.


The cycle of struggles that began inin contrast, is sedentary. By which is meant that the indebted become singular as opposed to individual negrii refusing debt, and learning to communicate outside the mediatized environment, a process that causes them to set aside fear. Materialist immanence indeed seems to open up a route out of the ‘princely’ view, but whether and how this route is to be taken remains obscure.

In that the War on Terror supplied the U. This individual has the right to expect political power to be used to preserve his property, in his own person and in his possessions, and the right to freedom of thought, speech, declaraation worship.

I have necessarily concentrated on the negative in this critique, but I hope this is taken as a constructive contribution to the debate, and that my comrades treat it this way rather than as some kind of attempt at ‘damnation’ there is little danger of this in reality, H n’ N are of course world famous, we are mere minions of the blogosphere’s unruly democracy, voices destined to be lost in the very fullness of the wind.

And could not the sense of joy also stem from the sudden dwclaration of empowerment that proximity of the mass gives? What they have noticed is the very real lack of a proper understanding among today’s rebellious groups of class and class power, but this lack is taken as a positive. On 17 December in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, twenty-six-year-old street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi, who was reported to have earned a computer science degree, set himself on fire.

The North African rebellions opposed repressive regimes and their demands centered on the removal of tyrants, whereas the wide-ranging social demands of the encampments in Europe, the United Declaratioj, and Israel addressed representative constitutional systems. One escape door is messages spread virally “through the neighborhoods and a variety of metropolitan circuits.


Many of the colossal debts actually emerged as fictitious capital in the midst of speculative deals that ballooned in the trading back and forth of high finance.

On Hardt and Negri’s “Declaration” | Occupy

Preamble This essay has had a bit of a torturous history, it was denied publication due they said to legal issues of ‘copying’ implied plagiarism by the new editors of Rethinking Marxism after it had already passed through the lengthy academic review process and been accepted and ‘signed off’. The lament over the traditional ‘parties of the Left’ that Hardt and Negri develop comes from not seeing their agency in the false dialectic of cartel democracy, and perceiving this reactionary structure as a remaining possibility for furthering democracy.

A constituent power is necessary to organize social production and social life in accordance with ‘our’ principles of freedom, equality, and solidarity. To conclude, we seem to have been returned, by default, and as with Arendt, to the founding of the U. Like I said, m point was a thinly veiled critique of Zizek and others. They see democratic counterpowers must be able to force the corporations and the nation-states to open access to the commons, to divide the wealth ‘equitably’ so all can meet their basic needs, and repair the damage to social and ecological systems.

Like the Parisian rioters in and those in Los Angeles more than a decade before, the indignation of Britons responded to a complex set of social issues, the most central of which is racial subordination.

Debt may be a way to exploit harft subject on a greater scale than ever before, there is no doubt, it also helps poor consumers to continue to purchase the overproduced commodities, but the very scale of the debt shows that the biggest are incurred by the largest entities, in many cases these debts have certainly been transferred from ‘too-big-to-fail’ entities to their governments, and then passed to the population of humble workers, but did the workers, whose hard labor power generates value, also initiate all this debt while being exploited?

Declaaration Wall Street occupiers had them all in view, translating, for instance, the struggle against the tyrant into a struggle against the tyranny of finance.