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Answer to Explain the difference between hardwired control and microprogrammed control. Is it possible to have a hardwired. The main difference between Hardwired and Microprogrammed Control Unit is that a Hardwired Control Unit is a sequential circuit that. In this lesson, you will learn how microprogramming and hardwired control sets are designed in computer architecture. You will be able to describe.

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Hardwired Control Unit is a unit that uses combinational logic units, featuring a finite number of gates that can generate specific results based on the instructions that were used to invoke those responses. Before talking about Microprogrammed Control Unit, it is important to understand some terms.

The processor or the CPU is the main component of the computer that handles most of the tasks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

The speed of operations in Hardwired Control Unit is fast.

Control unit

Microprogrammed Control Unit has a sequence of microinstructions stored in control memory. Overall, these control units have a simple structure. Thus by only using a program of set instructions in memory, the CU will configure all the CPU’s data microprkgrammed as needed to manipulate the data correctly between instructions. The main difference between Hardwired and Microprogrammed Control Unit is that a Hardwired Control Unit is a sequential circuit that generates control signals while a Microprogrammed Control Unit is a unit with microinstructions in the control memory to generate control signals.


The control unit CU is a component of a computer’s central processing unit CPU that directs the operation of the processor. Processor register Register file Memory buffer Program counter Stack.

Also, there is no control memory usage in Hardwired Control Unit but, on the other hand, Microprogrammed Control Unit uses control memory.

The CU receives external instructions or commands which it converts into a sequence of control signals that the CU applies to the data path to implement a sequence of register-transfer level operations. Hardwired Control Units are difficult to modify, decode and implement, but executes operations much faster.

Note that a control storage can be regarded as a combinational logic circuit.

Tomasulo algorithm Reservation station Re-order buffer Register renaming. This is a truth table. The design of these sequential steps are based on the needs of each instruction and can range in number of steps, the order of execution, and which units are enabled.

Single-core Multi-core Manycore Heterogeneous architecture. Hardwired Control Unit is implemented using various electronic components such as combinational logic units and miicroprogrammed.

It directs the operation of the other units by providing timing and control signals. Synthesis of compositional microprogram harfwired units for programmable devices. This CU instruction decode process is then repeated when the Program Counter is incremented to the next stored program address and the new instruction enters the CU from that address, and so on till the programs end. Previously, control units for CPUs microprogrqmmed ad-hoc logic, and they were difficult to design. The pair of a “microinstruction-register” and a “control storage address register” can be regarded as a “state register” for hardwired control.


Hardwired microcode machines are free to use. Although microprogrammed control seems to be advantageous to implement CISC machines, since CISC requires systematic development of sophisticated control signals, there is no intrinsic difference between these 2 types of control. The horizontal microcode like state assignment has become very easy to be implemented because of the spread of the hardware description language HDL. As it is hardwired, cojtrol instruction set is constant and does not change.

Difference Between Hardwired Control and Micro programmed Control Unit. ยป Tutorial Bazar

This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat In Microprogrammed Control Unit, modifications can be implemented by changing the microinstructions in the control memory. Contorl the other hand, Microprogrammed Control Units are easier to modify, decode, implement and capable of handling complex instructions. Hardwired control is a control mechanism that generates control signals by using an appropriate finite state machine FSM.

Hardwired control also can be used for implementing sophisticated CISC machines. However, Hardwired Control Units are difficult to modify and implement. Moreover, it is difficult to perform instruction decoding in Hardwired Control Unit than in Microprogrammed Control Unit.

It consists of main two subsystems: Download descriptions in Verilog HDL.