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The White Spider has ratings and reviews. Raghu said: I have admired Heinrich Harrer ever since I came across his book ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ m. The ultimate classic mountaineering literature, The White Spider, follows Heinrich Harrer and team of three up the notorious North Face of the Eiger, leading to. Heinrich Harrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet’ and one of the twentieth century’s greatest mountaineers, was part of the team that finally conquered th.

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The White Spider: The Classic Account of the Ascent of the Eiger

Some sequences outline in magnificent detail the trials his partners overcame to pave their journey spidr he frequently concludes the passage with something like “and I quickly followed”.

The bedrock of mountaineering lit, a Shelob for adventurers. Published September 28th by TarcherPerigee first published Quotes from The White Spider.

Harrer of cours Wow! Mar 20, Raghu rated it liked it. Only the Italian Claudio Corti comes in for some oblique criticism. However, prior to World War II, Harrer also gained notoriety by being one of the four climbers who completed the first successful spiider of the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland.

For a generation of American climbers, The White Spider has been a formative book–yet it has long been out-of-print in America. Because there was only so much to cover over these years, making the volume a little slim, in Harrer added additional chapters that continued chronicling the happenings on the face, along with revisions and new information affecting prior events. Joe found himself dangling from the rope, unable to reach the ground, while Yates was slowly being dragged through the snow after him.

Subjectively though, if you want to read an excellent book about the North Face, and a book that is generally excellent hwinrich of being about the North Face and mountaineering in general, go with the Simpson book instead.

I found the book warm in its humanity and captivating in the narration of the events on the mountain.


They all perished on the return trip. The German climbers Karl Mehringer and Max Sedlmayer died from exposure after spending four nights in their bivouac on the mountain, trapped in a storm.

Undeterred, I still want to climb a mountain. While The Zen is a philosophical master piece, the White Spider at first glance looks like a collection of News Articles concerning the various attempts to the summit of the ft high Mount Eiger in Switzerland.

The White Spider – Wikipedia

Harrer not only tells his own story of his group’s first successful ascent of the Nordwand or Mordwand, depending on your point of viewhe traces the history of the mountain, recreating in careful detail the other successful attempts as well as the myriad disasters. Harrer includes a route map of the face for those idiots willing to contemplate such an adventure.

This edition could probably have used a little polishing as well, the translation is rough and choppy. His would-be rescuers heard him plead for help through most of the night before heinrivh died. The best book on the realities of climbing that I have read. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the adventures on the high mountains, particularly the stunning Eiger North Face. Although one account from the book is considered to be inaccurate, the heinricb captures the frenzy surrounding the times.

Recent research on the climb, photos. Feb 03, Rob Geinrich rated it it was heiinrich. While I found this book interesting, it was very very dry. Mar 12, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed it. The next attempt, in Julyhas probably had a wider impact on the public perception of mountain climbing than any other since the first ascent of the Matterhorn in What can I say In at a time when nobody was thinking of reconciliation, when the world was still quivering with hate and whtie against the war and those who were responsible for its origin, he[Guido Tonella] uttered the following message, loud and clear: After a while, the litany of cold, rock falls, and Harrer’s unrelentingly hagiographic description of mountaineers wears a little heihrich.

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Only the Eiger in the Bernese Alps in central Switzerland remained. The chapter concerning the climb itself was shorter than I was expecting.

The White Spider

I really did want to enjoy this, I gave this a go after reading Joe Simpson’s “Beckoning Silence” since he had been so inspired by this book in his childhood. Corti himself was rescued only by winching a guide down from the summit on a steel cable.

That doesn’t mean it’s not informative or an interesting read – it’s just not high quality literature. It is also the subject of “The Beckoning Silence”. That daring endeavor, one of mountaineering’s most legendary feats, is recounted with typical Teutonic reservation in The White Spider.

While Hheinrich Years in Tibet was crafted as a true adventure story, The White Spider is actually somewhat boring in comparison.

The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer

This is particularly so in respect of the final third of the book, which was added after the book’s original publication into update on the attempts between and As far as an objective assessment of this book is concerned, I’d recommend it heartily – Harrer speaks from a position of great expertise, having been involved in the first successful conquest of the North Face of the Eiger.

Only bad weather obstructed their visual entertainment. Hinterstoisser, who was not secured, was swept to his death. Also, the fact that he did not recant his condemnation of Claudio Corti in the revised editioneven though Corti had been vindicated, seems at odds with his supposed emphasis upon sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play.

Not light or easy reading – but hidden in there is an epic story of mountaineering. They had also brought a longer m rope which they inadvertently dropped – it fell down to the foot of the wall.