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HERMAFRODITISMO VERDADEIRO QUIMERA 46,XX/46,XY. Tese apresentada à Universidade Federal de São. Paulo – Escola Paulista de Medicina para a. Título: Hermafroditismo verdadeiro na espécie canina. Título em inglês: True Hermaphroditism in a Dog. Autor(es): Costa, Paula Priscila Correia · Braga Filho . 7 abr. Há três tipos de hermafroditismo: o hermafroditismo verdadeiro, o pseudo- hermafroditismo masculino e o pseudo-hermafroditismo feminino.

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Functional analysis of Sox8 and Sox9 during sex determination in the mouse.

hermafroditismo verdadeiro

A uterus was not detected on ultrasound examination. A confusing and stigmatizing nomenclature has been employed and the Chicago Consensus tried to minimize the discomfort with modifications of the current terminology. Health care resources for this disease Expert centres Diagnostic tests 29 Patient organisations 19 Orphan drug s 0. Development of external genitalia ranges from apparent female to male genitalia with chordee and hypospadias.

Therefore, the objective of this report is to describe a case of canine hermaphroditism in a dog with male phenotype, as well as the anatomical and hormonal findings, and classification of the hermaphroditism exhibited by the animal studied.

Clinically, a true hermaphrodite can exhibit different degrees of genital ambiguity; they can be diagnosed during puberty with the emergence of heterosexual characteristics, or as an adult, with infertility or gonadal neoplasia. No seu Artigo 4 oafirma-se: At examination, the animal exhibited normal rectal temperature, no alterations of palpable lymph nodes, and a satisfactory body condition score.


Initial hetmafroditismo include chromosome analysis and an ultrasound scan to check the internal reproductive organs.

Acta Scientiae Veterinariae

There was a normal size prostate in the pelvic area, exhibiting normal texture and echogenicity. Uma anomalia genital ocorre em 1 de cada 4. Journal of American Animal Hospital Association.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. A prepuce with no apparent function was present cranially to the slit, closer to the umbilical scar. Testosterone predominance explains the male behavior and appearance, demonstrating that the testis were prevalent over the ovaries.

The genetic cause is the absence of the SRY chromosome, which has a fundamental role on activation of the SOX gene, which is responsible for vedradeiro determination. Other search option s Alphabetical list.

At the other extremity of the slit, on the pubic region, there was a flaccid structure similar to a penis micropenis with no penile bone and no function. Adv Pediatr ; Etiology The exact cause of 46,XX ovotesticular DSD hermafroritismo not been elucidated hermafroditisml the majority of cases but may be related to mosaicism or genetic mutations. Semin Reprod Med ; Summary and related texts. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab ; Many patients have obvious genital ambiguity and are diagnosed at birth.

J Pediat Endocrinol Metab ; Ambiguous genitalia and intersex.

Repositório Institucional UFC: Hermafroditismo verdadeiro na espécie canina

Hermaphroditism or intersex is a general term that includes various congenital anomalies of the genital system which is used to define animals with ambiguous sexual characteristics. True hermaphrodites are individuals with testicular vefdadeiro ovarian tissues, either combined in one gonad ovotestis or present as two separate gonads. Infertility is common in men whereas women have some potential for fertility. Recurrence risk depends on the type of genetic alteration found.


Physical, behavioral, endocrinologic, and cytogenetic evaluation of two Standard bred racehorses competing as mares with an intersex condition and high postrace serum testosterone concentrations. True hermaphrodites are individuals with testicular and ovarian tissues, either combined in one gonad ovotestis or present as two separate gonads.

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The patient and family must be provided verdadriro psychological support. The hormonal exam revealed: It occurs in domestic animals, more commonly in pigs and goats, and rarely in horses, dogs, sheep, and cattle. Anatomical and inherited causes verdadeirk reproductive failure.

Nat Clin Pract Urol ;1: Detailed information Professionals Summary information Polskipdf Russianpdf Review article English Ovaries were seen on their typical anatomical position; they were symmetrical and had normal sizes.