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Hypophosphataemias are chronic (intake deficiency, puerperal haemoglobinuria ) or acute (with or without concurrent hypocalcaemia). Recumbency is seen. Other subjects. maladie de l’appareil urinaire; vache laitiere; vacas lecheras; hypophosphataemia; trifolium alexandrinum. hipofosfatemia; pulpa de remolacha . Hipofosfatemia. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México En: Clínica de los Bovinos I. México. p 4. Nunes M, Alves M, Montagner1 P, Silva.

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Biochemical, hipofoosfatemia and hormonal findings in goats affected with pregnancy toxemia. Cajueiro I ; Elizabeth H. Lima I ; Pierre C. Studies on pregnancy toxemia PT have been constant and innovative with regard to some concepts. However, no studies have been carried out on natural clinical cases in Brazil.

Thus, the aim of the present study was to perform an analysis of clinical, biochemical, electrolytic and hormonal findings in goats with PT to gain an understanding of the physiopathology of this metabolic disease. Clinical exams were performed and both hipofosftemia and urine were collected for the biochemical and hormonal analyses.

Accentuated clinical changes were found, such as decubitus, apathy, dyspnea, increased body temperature, congested mucous membranes, dilated episcleral vessels, dehydration, anorexia, ruminal stasis and edema in the limbs.

Fructosamine, globulin, chlorine, potassium and magnesium were within the range of normality.

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The mean birth rate per goat was more than two offspring. Striking clinical and metabolic alterations are found in goats with PT. The increase in bipofosfatemia metabolites of the energy and hormonal profile constitutes an important tool for the diagnosis and determination of the magnitude of the clinical condition in affected animals. The present data can serve as reference for future studies on nutrition and metabolism in goats with pregnancy toxemia.


Pregnancy toxemia, clinical biochemistry, ketosis, ketones, metabolic disorder, small ruminants, goats. O animal apresenta-se com o olhar vago e bem deprimido. Os componentes avaliados foram: Os resultados laboratoriais revelaram valores elevados para: No entanto, Santos et al. Ainda, de acordo com Santos et al. No entanto, Sargirson et al.

Entretanto, diferem dos relatos de Bani Ismail et al. No entanto, Hefnawy et al. Tal achado foi reiterado por Bani Ismail et al. Hipofossfatemia, diferiu dos achados de Henze et al. Pregnancy toxaemia in the ewe.

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Biochemical, electrolytic and hormonal findings in goats affected with pregnancy toxemia

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Spontaneous pregnancy toaxemia Ketosis in sheep and the hipofosfatekia of insulin.

Hipofosfatemia en ovinos by Jeisson Stiven Zapata Mejia on Prezi

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Dietary protein effects on growth and fractional protein synthesis and degradation rates in liver and white muscle of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Glucose – stimulated insulin response in pregnant sheep following acute suppression of plasma non-sterifield fatty acid hipofosfayemia. Studies on the carbohydrate metabolism of sheep. Pregnancy toxemia of ewes, does, and beef cows. Plasma enzymes and metabolites as potential prognostic indices of ovine pregnancy toxaemia: Hipocalcemia reduces endogenous glucose production in hiperketonemic sheep.

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Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia. Pregnancy toxemia hipofofatemia a flock of sheep. Serum protein pattern in ewe with pregnancy toxemia. Recebido em 29 de julho de All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Services on Demand Journal. Relationship among blood indicators of lipomobilization and hepatic function during early lactation in high-yielding dairy cows. How to cite this article.