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Islamic scholars believe that the invocation of Hizb Sayfi and Salat al-Fatih are more valuable than all remembrances, no matter what they may. Dua e Saifi reported by Hazrat Sydena Gouse Azam (RA). This dua have 70, thousend angels and 70, moukillat means security and. Posted in Permission | Tagged Hizb al-Bahr, karamah, kashf, khatm, miracles I need permission to recite dua ie saifi and hizb ul bahar and sir.

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Minahuqal fa’iqatul jamilatul jalilatu wa la ta’khafu dhai’ma imlaqin fatukdiya wa la yalhaquqa khaufu udmin fayanqusu min judiqa faidhu fadhliqa.

Hizb of the Sword

When he arises from his grave, his first encounter will be with the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him. Surah Yasin 7 Mubeen Wazifa. If someone diligently persists in its recitation, Allah will grant him eternal life in the Garden of Paradise, by His gracious favour. When the two angels come to him in his grave, in order to question him about his condition. Salam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. O Allah it is all due to Your will and abilitythat You gave me releif and You have protected me in the governorate of Your infallibility and purity. If someone diligently persists in its recitation, he will not depart from this world without true faith, even if his deeds are improper.

Wa bil ijabati jadeerun. Jinn and devils will flee from his way ‘. Fasubhanal’lazee biyadihi malakutu kul’li shai’in’wa ilahi turja’oun. Then, one day I stumbled upon a specific version of a portion of one of the previously mentioned versions. I was astonished by this, and felt guilty, Sidi Ibrahim al-Dassouqi then blamed me by saying: Therefore He is The One in Whom hand is the key of the unseen world of angels and to You we will return and blessings of Allah upon our Master Muhammad and his family and his companions who are pureand senp copious peace on them all.


Allahum’a fatam’mim ihsanaqa ilaiya fima baqiya min umri kamaa ahsanta ilaiya fima madha minhu Among the benefits of reading the Hizb al-Sayfi in this life: O Allah complete Your gratification Upon me for rest of my life as You have bestowed Your gratification upon me in my past life.

If someone recites it one time, Allah SWT will save him from sudden death e. Popular Tags Blog Archives.

Dua Saifi Benefits ~ Quranic Wazifa

O Allah forgive sakfi, my that fault which is only forgiven by You and which cannot be removed but only with Your forgiveness and mercy, and which cannot be expiated except by Your Blessedness and forgiveness and bestow upon me today and tonight and in this present month and in this present year ,true beleif which can ease my afflictions of this world and the world hereafter ,and grief of hereafter.

If someone puts in writing, then erases the ink and gives it to a young hizzb to drink, the door of chastity will be opened for the young one. Allah SWT will cause him to reach the degree of sainthood. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem.

If someone recites it three times every morning, up to a total of forty mornings, he will acquire the charisma of the saints, and he will become the splendid and revered figure among his fellow creatures, one who is neither contradicted not opposed. If someone recites it forty one times, in order to bring al Khidr to him, al Khidr may Allah be pleased with him will come to him.

Allahum’aa’gh firli ma yasa’ouhu illa maghfiratuqa wa la yamhaquhuu illa afwuqa wa la yukafi’ruhuu illa tajawuzuqa wa fadluqa wa hab li fi yaumi haza wa lailati hazihi wa shahri haza wa sanati hazihi yaqeenan sadiqan’yuhav’vinu bihi aalai’ya masaaiba’d duniya wal aakhirati wa ahzanahuma.

I accepted this time, and I admitted my mistake. If someone persists in its recitation, in the morning and evening, Allah SWT will love him with a special affection. safi

Asking for Forgiveness: Invoking Hizb as-Sayfi (The Sword Bearer)

Allahum’ar faa’ni wa la tadhaa’ni wad’faa an’ni wa la tad’faa’ni wa aatini wa la tahrimni wa ikrimni wa la tuhini wa zidni wa la tanqusni war’hamni wa la tuaz’zibni wan’surni wa la takh’zulni was’turni wa la tafdah’ni wa aasirni wa la tu’sir aa’laiya amrid’duniya.


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Allahum’a ma qad’darta li min amrin’wa sharaa’ta fihi bitaufiqiqa wa tai’siriqa fa’tam’mimhu li bi ahsanil wujuhi kul’liha wa aslahiha wa aswabiha fa innaqa waifi ma ta’shaa’ou qadeerun. Hizb of the Sword. Sidi Ibrahim al-Dassouqi ordered him to read it, but he replied that he could not, because the text was too long, and ought to be preserved in a book, and that it was a difficult task.

Wa sallallahu ta’ala sxifi khairi khalqihi saiyidna muhammadin wa aalihi wa ashabihi ajmaa’eena. In oceans of Your invisible world of Angels, manoeuvres of deep thinking are astonished, the heads of Kings are hzib due to Your fear, the faces are downhearted in front of Your fright and Dominence, and everything is amneable to Your Highness saifl respect and everything is obedient to Your Omnipotence and Finesse. Visitors Popular keywords for quranicwazifa. After receiving it, he taught it eaifi Imam Ali.

Allahum’aa in’nii ahmaduqa fa laqa’l hamdu misla ma hamidt’ta bihi nafsaqa wa az’aafa ma hamidaqa bihi’l hamidouna. Ya man qama’tis samawatu wal ardhuna bi amrihi. There is no God buy You! Allah SWT will command this amulet to answer on his behalf with the finest response. And they will say: If he recites it two times, he will be given credit for the worship of two years, If he recite it three times, he will be given credit for the worship of three years, and so on.

Other names of names, Hizb as-Sayfi are: I later came into possession of all versions of the Hizb al-sayfi: You may also like. When he arises from his grave on the Day of Resurrection his saifo will be like the moon at midnight.