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Image of Hydrolycus scomberoides (Payara). Hydrolycus scomberoides Etymology: Hydrolycus: Greek, hydr = water + Greek, lykos = wolf (Ref. ). Characin fish guide for Payara, Hydrolycus scomberoides, Vampire Tetra Info, Vampire Fish pictures and description, Vampire Tetra care, diet, tankmates, and.

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Vampire Tetra

This fish can reach up to about 4 feet cm in length and weigh up to 40 lbs 18 kgthough aquarium specimens are usually only reach a quarter of that size, around 12 inches. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Knowing the signs and catching and treating them early makes a huge difference.

These large predacious fish are best cared for in public aquariums or by the most experienced fish keepers with the space, financial ability, and dedication to care for them. While the majority of aquatic plants will fail to thrive in such surroundings hardy genera such as MicrosorumBolbitisscomberoidee Anubias spp. Payara scomberroides Quick Aquarium Care. This species is pelagic and adults tend to be associated with flowing stretches of main river channels and larger tributaries of both white and black water rivers.

Retrieved from ” https: Aquarium Setup The Payara is an extremely large predatory fish. The more closely their environment resembles their natural habitat, the less stress the fish will hydrlycus, making them healthier and happier.


They only eat live foods, and they love fish, preferably live ones.

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These fish could probably be trained to eat whole dead fish, such as frozen silversides and lancefish, but scomberoided has not been confirmed. They get large, too, so if you want to keep one as a pet, be prepared to have a very high feeder-fish bill. Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Because these fish eat live foods, diseases can be passed to them from their foods.

The Vampire Tetra Hydrolycus scomberoides is a hdrolycus characin, but it is not your typical tetra. Aquariums are closed systems, and regardless of size, all need some maintenance. My email is kenandcrys live.

They sometimes refuse food in captivity, and once feeding, need a varied diet of fish. The most noticeable feature of H. They move from lakes and river channels into the rising waters of large rivers, migrating long distances upstream for spawning and feeding.

Younger fish will avoid areas where there is strong water flow, but mature specimens will move into waters with faster currents. The Payara are mainly known as a game fish and are prized by fisherman for their fighting ability. Make sure to quarantine live food before feeding.

Appropriate aquarium fare includes live foods such as feeder fish, earthworms, and river shrimps. Because of their large adult size, and their propensity for schooling as juveniles, they need a very large aquarium. The best way to proactively prevent disease is to give your fish the proper environment and a well-balanced diet. Fish Diseases The Payara is a large, difficult fish to keep. Data provided by GBIF. I currently have my hydrolycus armatus in a gal custom tank.


Take great care and make sure to properly clean or quarantine anything that you add to an established tank so as not to upset the balance.

Thank you kyle – hello still looking for vampire tetra or other rare species just message me at southreptiles gmail. Availability Payara or Vampire Characin are not exactly rare, but smaller, aquarium-sized specimens are hard to find.

The latter fit into a pair of corresponding openings in the upper jaw csomberoides allows the mouth to be closed completely. As with most predatory species, these fish produce a lot of waste, so a highly-efficient filter is needed.

Payara – Wikipedia

They are often found in loose groups and feed on smaller fish, but the bulk of their diet consists of piranhas. Vampire Characin need a varied diet, so just feeding them goldfish is inadequate. It will eat fishes it can fit into its mouth, but there’s no need to feed it live food in captivity.