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Hypnagogic pop is a style of music and related media that explores elements of cultural The term was coined by journalist David Keenan in an August issue of The Wire to label the developing trend, which he characterized as “pop. In an August piece for the The Wire, journalist David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to refer to a developing trend of s lo-fi and post-noise . Hence, the trend of “hypnagogic pop,” a term coined last year by The Wire’s David Keenan to refer to music reflecting a memory of a memory.

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I think the citations of individual works that had influence on the sound of these artists are interesting: Email Address never made public.

Vaporwave and the pop-art of the virtual plaza”. Less overtly footnoted, the American stuff has more of a Rorschach ink-blot aspect. James Ferraro deserves the whole six pages. Hypnagogic pop is a term coined recently by a journalist over at the Wire to describe a certain type of music, currently being made by a lot of bedroom-bound solipsist synth-kids all po America, that evokes the hypnagogic state — the one between waking and sleeping, “[those] liminal zones”, according to the Wire article in question, “where mis-hearings and hallucinations feed into the formation of dreams”.

Interested to read it.

Worst “genre” created by a journalist part : ‘Hypnagogic Pop’ by David Keenan.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This critique fails to acknowledge the inherently derivative nature of art. Click here if you want to load them all.


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m the kind of guy who needs an artisan cheesemonger, an antiquarian daviv store and a speciality off-license at the bottom of my street before I can even start to feel comfortable. They should def print Tom D’s letters: Another phrase that the writer formerly known as Nick Kool copyright Brian Eno came up with in the 70s was “punk rock” — well, it was either him, Lester Bangs or Dave Marsh, but our money’s on Kent because unlike his US counterparts he actually did time in the original Sex Pistols, so chances are he knows what he’s talking about.

Hypnagogic pop or h-popaccordingly, is a subgenre with loose boundaries, as it deals more so with the aesthetic similarities of artists prone to lo-fi productions, a clear dependence on the past, and DIY techniques of distribution.

Take Laraajiwho uses hammered dulcimer and zither to weave blisscapes of pulsing chimes. Windham Hill-type music was really big in America in the Eighties and doubtless a lot of these noiseniks had parents who played it.

Real Estate and Woods bring “hypnagogic pop” to University of Pittsburgh

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat It’s the sound that remains after the boys of hypnaagogic have gone,” he elaborates. Lo-fi musicPsychedelic musicand Hauntology.

Could be tinkly bells, bowls and hypnaglgic action Problems playing this file? Retrieved 8 November The particular sound of h-pop is heavily influenced by the decade in which many of hypnagogicc artists were watching Saturday cartoons and drowning themselves in the synth-driven scores of early video games: The Berlin sound artist on amplifying the inner life of stones and the music of colours.


I don’t find this a problem myself, or at least rarely, but I can see the argument. Emeralds have that vast, tranquil Schulze-ish thing going on and Skaters produce the same feeling as when you realize your toast is burning and decide, fuck it, I’m eating it anyway.

One angle of critique with hypnagohic British hauntologists that’s been voiced by some is that it’s over -baked: Most of James Ferraro’s work is not like that though.

Hypnagogic pop

Retrieved 17 August New Weird America was bad enough, but Hypnagogic Pop? What would or would not make something like Spiritualized’s “Electric Mainline” hypnagogic pop? But we digress — again. Today Tomorrow This Weekend. I’m not saying there wasn’t lumping in done with New Weird America, just that it was a less arbitrary lumping in than hypnagogic pop. Simon Reynolds described hypnagogic pop as a “21st-century update of psychedelia” in which “lost innocence has been contaminated by pop culture” and hyper-reality.

The artistic mutilation of these sources is often to the degree that an entirely new entity has been created. Worst “genre” created by a journalist part True Stories delves into the ups and downs of life as a worldwide DJ Dec 26, This site uses cookies.