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When you use the IP PrintWay component of Infoprint Server to print the jobs that Infoprint XT generates, you create a second printer definition, in addition to the. The following information applies only to IP PrintWay™ basic mode. IP PrintWay extended mode does not use the same transmission queue as IP PrintWay. Before you use IP PrintWay™ to send print output to remote printers and email destinations, you must create printer definitions. Typically, you create one printer .

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To specify dynamic attributes.

It can send the output as an email attachment or include text and line data inline in the body of the email. If the name contains special characters, blanks, or lowercase letters, enclose the entire name in apostrophes.

If no title is specified in the Allocation section, the default value is printay title or file name that your administrator specifies in the Protocol section of the printer definition.

All attribute names are lowercase. See the JES documentation for more info on work selection. Update the Custom values information for the Processing section: In this example, user1 xyz.

Creating an IP PrintWay printer definition

In addition to writing IP PrintWay exits, you can write filter programs to modify the data stream or add separator pages. In the Printer code page field, delete any value that is present, so that the field has no value. If the resubmit for filtering function IP PrintWay basic mode is used, the default value is the fully qualified data set name to enable the resubmitted and original data sets printwayy be correlated.


Where each line is indented further than the previous line. You can specify any characters, including blanks.

JCL parameters for printing with IP PrintWay

You see the LPR Protocol panel. For a separator page that an IP PrintWay exit created: The administrator can use IP PrintWay extended mode to define a backup printer in case the retransmissions fail because the IP PrintWay printer is broken or offline. You must enter the IP address and queue name information. Or, assure that prnitway procs point to the same copy of the kp set and refresh LLA. IP PrintWay uses only a subset of all options that can be specified in these components.

IP PrintWay can retransmit data sets to remote printers. If none is specified, the default value is the prinrway qualified data set name. IP PrintWay sends the email to any bcc recipients specified in the printer definition. It also contains the number of bytes that prnitway transmitted to the printer. Table 1 explains the state of retained data sets.

If you specify a value that is not allowed, the data set might not print. For IP PrintWay extended mode, the title value in the printer definition is used. The notify values in the printer definition are used. The operator can use Infoprint Central to start and stop these job selection rules, or the administrator can automate the starting and stopping of job selection rules.

Using an FCB to format data. If you already customized IP PrintWay to use the LPR prontway direct prinway transmission protocol and you now want to use the email or IPP protocol, you need to do the additional customization tasks summarized in Table 3. Once the data is sent, an acknowledgment from the LPD is required. If none is specified, JES provides a default form name. In the printer definition, you specify the printer’s address or the recipients’ email addresses.


IP PrintWay extended mode adds a carriage return at printwway end of each line by default. The fully qualified data set name can be printed on page headers and on separator pages.

Table 4 summarizes the printer attributes that IP PrintWay uses and indicates whether the attributes are required or optional.

Customizing IP PrintWay

Handling unsuccessful data transmissions. The domain name where Infoprint Server is running is domainname. If no mode is indicated in parentheses in the title, the task applies to both modes.

Email IP PrintWay can send print output to one or more email addresses. Printwa up operator security for the printer extended mode. Each output data set is sent as an email attachment. This allows ports and above to be used. After you customize IP PrintWay, do these tasks. Specify the time in the format hhhh: If no title is specified in the Allocation section, the prkntway value is the job name. Each entry contains the status of the transmission of the data set, routing information, and transmission options.

Enclose the entire value in single quotation marks. Check here to start a new keyword search.