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And it’s not just the fact of MBIA’s triple-A rating that drives Mr. Ackman batty; it’s its transcendent importance to the company’s business. As Gary. Following New York and U.S. probes of his trading and reports, Ackman persisted in challenging MBIA’s AAA credit rating for more than five. That AAA rating being essential to MBIA staying afloat as a bond insurer. Later on Thursday, Bill Ackman, of Pershing Square – the massively.

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The impact of the loss of these facilities is material to the liquidity profile of the holding companies and their insurance subsidiaries i must be considered in your credit assessment. In a runoff scenario, we do not believe that the bond insurers will generate sufficient taxable income to offset the net operating losses generated by paid losses.

The combination of volatility in each of these markets and the increased collateral demands required in holding company downgrade scenarios will put a severe strain on holding company liquidity. Ackman peppered rating companies and regulators with letters, e-mails and presentations criticizing MBIA’s credit rating. Ackman had warned that MBIA was magnifying its risks by backing instruments such as those based on loans to the least creditworthy homebuyers.

Bond Insurer Ratings Ladies and Gentlemen: Because the holding companies typically provide indemnities for employees and directors, we would expect that directors would be loathe to allow liquidity to leave the holding company estate, depriving directors and employees of the resources to protect themselves from claims.

We believe a shareholder vote and approved registration statement will likely be required in such a circumstance, delaying the ability to consummate the transaction beyond the March 31st Warburg backstop drop dead date. Retrieved February 26, Most bond insurer holding companies have limited cash, have lost or will lose access to liquidity facilities, and have substantial cash needs for interest payments, operating expenses, and dividends for so long as they continue to be paid.

There aax no other financial institution in the world which takes the present value of interest spread income on loans in its portfolio and adds it to its capital.


Ackman may soon be proved right. Spitzer, now the New York governor, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Straight out of business school, Ackman started axa first hedge fund, Gotham Partners, with fellow student David Berkowitz. The MBIA surplus aaz issuance is perhaps the clearest example of the failure of the rating agencies to accurately assess the creditworthiness of a bond insurer.

As you well know, depression lines of credit can only be drawn to pay claims on municipal obligations and only after a substantial deductible.

It was founded in as the Municipal Bond Insurance Association. To state the obvious, because of your critical role in the capital markets, it is essential that the ratings you publish are the result of comprehensive and accurate analysis.

In addition, bond insurers with substantial investment management or swap operations have additional liquidity needs in the event of a downgrade. He disclosed taking a short position in MBIA, in which an investor sells borrowed stock, expecting to repurchase it later at a lower price and return the shares to the owner.

You should also carefully calculate the impact of a downgrade of aaaa bonds held by one bond insurer that are guaranteed by other insurers in your calculation of capital adequacy. We believe that the bond insurers and the rating agencies do adkman adequately consider the facts that: They are persistent about important things. Archived from the mboa on February 27, The SEC later started its own probe.

He says he plans to give his personal gains on the bond insurers to Pershing Square’s charitable foundation. The transaction covered MBIA for losses related to the bankruptcy of a Pennsylvania hospital group.

Retrieved from ” https: The bond insurers include these guarantees in calculating the weighted average ratings of their investment portfolios. Ackman learned in January from a Wall Street Journal reporter that Spitzer was investigating whether Gotham had engaged in manipulative trading on MBIA and other companies and that the newspaper would publish an article the next day. In the MBIA documents, Ackman says he saw that the insurer was guaranteeing untested asset-backed securities.

The company went public in This is prima facie evidence that your ratings of MBIA are overstated. He posted a list of the securities the two companies guaranteed on the Internet, along with a model supplied by an unnamed investment bank, so investors could do their own forecasts of what the insurers might lose.


Financial insurance or Financial Guarantees are a form of credit enhancement.

Ackman Devoured , Pages to Prove “MBIA was never AAA”

The swaps would rise in value if doubts about MBIA grew. Because Berkshire Hathaway already possesses a real Triple A rating, the bonds that are wrapped with its guarantee will trade with a tighter spread when compared to a bond insured by a traditional bond insurer, even one without legacy structured finance exposure.

For all of the above reasons, we believe that the present value of future premiums should not be included in CPR. As you well know, we have privately, in meetings and correspondence with you, and publicly in various presentations that we have made, called into question your mbiia of the bond insurance industry, in particular, the ratings for MBIA Insurance Corp.

Gotham made a profit selling a stake in the property to Goldman, Ackman says.

Ackman’s Letter to Moody’s: A Must Read

Call to divide not viable”. In the mids, Gotham tried to buy Rockefeller Center. Ackman reportedly attempted mbix warn regulators, rating agencies and investors about the bond insurers’ high risk business models. Your analysis makes the aggressive assumption that the bond insurers will remain going concerns and will therefore be able to continue to write new premiums and generate income in the future.

During the talks, Ackman, then 28, says he got a call from Donald Trump. The publicly traded stock of Ram Holdings Ltd. Each of you, according to your recent public statements, is in various stages of updating your ratings of the bond insurers. A bond insurer is only able to obtain tax benefits if the insurer is a ackmab concern and is able to aclman sufficient taxable income in the current or future years to offset the losses from paid insurance claims.