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Professor Ismail Raji al Faruqi was a co-founder of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS). Results 1 – 12 of 18 The Essence of Islamic Civilization (Occasional Paper) (Occasional Papers Series). Jan 1, by Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi and Anas S. Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (January 1, – May 27, ) was a Palestinian- American philosopher who spent several years at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, then.

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Though they do not acknowledge Jesus as God.

It was in the United States several years later that he began to question the foundations of his earlier position. He drew a circle that shut me out, Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. As to the Christians and Christianity, Islam criticized the deification of Jesus in no uncertain terms Qur’an 9: This name was above any sovereignty, including that of Caesar, and the Roman insignia with the Capitoline gods were not allowed into the holy city of Jerusalem.

Finally, I asked myself: This was a novel undertaking, unprecedented in AAR history. It pretends to reach to the sky, that is, higher than it really is. This promises too much. One cannot convert to being someone’s descendant.

Nothing more could be asked or desired. The Security Council of the United Nations took a unanimous resolution calling for the immediate release of those hostages.

In the latter part of his career, he became more and more concerned with the spiritual aspects of Islam. There must be an authoritative interpreter, one who normally does not interfere directly in the affairs of state, but who, upon extraordinary occasions, can and indeed must take a direct hand to arbitrate authoritatively conflicting claims for justice.

Ah, brother ofall things -it is in the central reaches of your soul – that I will build the Sactuary of the Everlasting God -where SynagoJue, Temple, Church and Mosque – will dwell in harmony – amidst the surJinJ waves of your kmJinJ and search for the Infinite”. For us is the responsibility for our deeds, and for you for your deeds. The election of Israel imposes on this people a special set of commands to which it, and only it, is called to obedience.


Rather the human is primarily a passionate being, a being of will- or, more simply, a creature driven by love dilectio.

Ismail al-Faruqi – Wikipedia

His father, ‘Abd al-Huda al-Faruqi, was an Islamic judge qadi and a religious man well-versed in Islamic scholarship. Now that I have stated how the religion of Islam regards Judaism, Christianity and their adherents, I wish to close with a statement of what we Aal request of Jews and Christians.

It was a kind of domestic peace– the peace of the victors over the vanquished, cemented by the envy which the vanquished held for the victors, together with their desire to be like their overlords and not like themselves.

Certainly we must study the past and learn from it, but life must above all look isjail the present and to the future. No Muslim thinker has claimed that any exegesis can or did “abrogate” any verse of the Qur’an.

There is no contention between us and you. Religion should remind us that we are men and not gods; that we are limited in our achievements -though unlimited in our pretensions.

Perhaps the best way of doing that is to use the good old alphabet – which in English would give us. It has absolutely nothing to show for itself: A significant example rahi “The Introduction to the Duties of the Heart” by Bahya ibn Paquda; it was written in Arabic, translated into Hebrew, and, a later time, was also to come to the attention of Christians.

Ismail al-Faruqi

The belonging to a community, especially of those who share family ties and ancestral heritage is a prerequisite for shalom the greatest of all blessings. From the point of view farruqi simple common sense, it ought not to be possible. Niebuhr points out6 that man’s spirit drives him to seek eternal and universal goods.

It focused on the mission that he envisioned for Muslim immigrants. Moreover, as Christians doing political thinking, we must recognize that our starting point is one of relative affluence and power, which must increasingly be shared with others. They can deteriorate and radically change.

International arms trafficking, for example, is out of the control of any one nation. The most effective state of mutual life is that of berith, covenant. It expresses clearly in what way the Church to which I belong is able to respect the freedom of other Churches and religions without thereby diminishing in any way her commitment to the faith of Abraham and the Gospel of Christ.


If I taruqi it right, for Islam Mubammad is not the originator of a religion but a prophet in continuit: However, he decided to return to Indiana University; he submitted his thesis to the Department of Philosophy and received his PhD in September Where was, and where is the human conscience of the West ffaruqi is outraged today at Iran’s seizure of the hostages?

Faruqi, Ismail Raji al- – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

The faith of Abraham, who is rightly considered by our three religions as “the father of our faith”, will be the subject of my reflections. History recognizes them as such.

Admiring in common the acquisition of public recognition and command, the Romans had a kind of common or public life. It is difficult to say. Allow me for a moment to express my warmest thanks to you all, and especially to those of you who arc officers of this Academy. They are also indispensible when there are competing sovereignties who seek the destruction of weakening of the people. The people of Israel are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Therefore, he asserted that urubah captured the core of Muslim consciousness, its values and faith — it was inseparable from the identity of all Muslims al-Faruqi, The state is indispensible, otherwise the threat of internal chaos and defenseless resistance to aggression will overwhelm the people.

However, biblical religion reminds him that in the complexities and ambiguities of contemporary history, there must be both a profound sense of responsibility to further the cause of brotherhood and a universal intelligence to recognize our limitations.

In such a continuous process it often becomes clear that there is a great deal of asymmetry between religions – and even between “the three religions of the Book. We all submit to Him Qur’an But the fact that Jews and Christians do belong to the legacy and regard it as their own is incontrovertible. The discussion by Pederson, J.: