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Unfortunately, the version of The Humanoids I read also contains the Jack Williamson short story “With Folded Hands,” which is a. Jack Williamson’s novel, The Humanoids (), is considered of the most important stories about robots and humanity. Many previous stories about robots, . To Serve and Obey, And Guard Men from Harm. Thats their slogan. Theyre the humanoids, created by a well-intentioned scientist named.

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A plethora of science fiction B-movies in the s took as their theme the dangers of technology.

REVIEW – The Humanoids by Jack Williamson – Steven H. Wilson

It is also a fictional proposal of what we now call a GUT or Grand Unification Theory, jacck all of the fundamental forces of the universe into one elegant equation. After remarking on his friendship with the legendary Julie Schwarz, the aged and frail Williamson asked me what Dilliamson was writing at the time.

Interesting in that there’s a lot of science, based on an attempt to explore ideas raised by quantum mechanics as opposed to Newtonian physics. Want to Read saving….

There is a bit too much science at the begining of the story which is a bit of a williasmon but after flicking through those bits the story made up for it. In effect they become the masters. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

It is true that only an elite few had this power and freedom, but there was an implication that all humans would be so modified. Maybe the author intended him to be so unlikable as a part of the story’s ironic arc — the androids offer him true health tthe happiness if hhe gives himself up to their control — but he’s not exactly someone I wanted to spend a lot of time with. Wulliamson, a seller of “Mechanicals” unthinking robots that perform menial tasks in the small town of Two Rivers, is startled to find a competitor’s store on his way home.

Soon, a little girl shows up at the good doctor’s installation, bringing news of grave danger, as well as demonstrating an uncanny ability for teleportation and telepathy. The Humanoids Humanoids 1 by Jack Williamson. Dec 08, Josh rated it liked it. It is far, far in the future and many thousands of williamsoj years from Mother Earth. And of course, learning that psychophysical power was the creative force of the universe, and could not be used for murder because it was pure love, shows that not only did Wiliamson out-Borg the Borg 50 years earlier, he was also a couple decades ahead of The Beatles.


On the far planet Wing IV, a brilliant scientist creates the humanoids–sleek black androids programmed to serve humanity. The pacing is weird, as Jack Williamson goes through the key moments like the humanoid takeover of Starmont society willliamson, as well as having characters totally disappear the entire psychic team mostly fades away after an elaborate introduction, eg, Graystone the Great” simply vanishes! Disturbed at his encounter, Underhill rushes home to discover that his wife has taken in a new lodger, a mysterious old man named Sledge.

Problem is, this isn’t a textbook I’m studying so I didn’t always want to make that ef Well that was interesting. He also rushed the ending to disastrous effect, which is too bad — the willismson would’ve been somewhat less awful had he spent more effort on developing the turnabout. Underhill and Sledge attempt to defeat their oppressors, to no avail. If the machines feel they need to be drugged into happiness, they will be drugged.

Depending on the reader’s outlook, I suppose a society in which the individual is free to do nothing but laze, paint, think and play no sports, though; too dangerous, say the Yhe Apparently if you write down an equation, you can do magic.

The Humanoids

References to this book Alternative Modernity: Jan 18, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other books in the series. Lists with This Book. Problem is, this isn’t a textbook I’m studying so I didn’t always want to make that effort. Paperbackpages. The Hum A disturbing and thought provoking sci-fi about a so called benevolent race of robots who’s prime directive is ‘to serve and obey and guard men from harm’. That said, this is still a good story and worth the read.

Willamson’s influence for this story was the aftermath of World War II and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and his concern that “some of the technological creations we had developed with the best intentions might have disastrous consequences in the long run.


Williamson introduced a number of words to science fiction that have been used by later authors. This is an interesting semi-hard golden age Sci-Fi novel. I offered it to six or seven markets which all passed on it. He sees most people losing their freedom of action and their minds in a drug-clouded state of artificial euphoria.

Should we give them the power to make our decisions for us, to prevent us from possible harm, and to restrict our personal freedoms “for our own good This is a novella preceding a novel on the topic of technology serving our needs vs. Then the price for utopia. I understand my mother’s good intentions—the floor was mud and there were scorpions crawling around, so she was afraid of what might happen to me—but this experience produced in me a deep seated distrust of benevolent protection.

Humanoids Jack Williamson Snippet view – This time, I thought they were angels. Williamson began publishing in and continued to do so until with “The Stonehenge Gate.

Read the book to see how it ends! It is how it was.

Aug 15, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: Much of the science is up to date for the time, but it also contains fictional or proposed science hhumanoids seems to be internally consistent. No humans may engage in any behavior that might endanger them, and every human action is carefully scrutinized. They allow no humans to drive, ride a bicycle, have unsupervised sex, smoke, d Classic SF.

It is a finely huumanoids, suspenseful, action-packed yarn that is at the same time chock-full of interesting scientific speculations. Only a hidden group of rebels can stem the humanoid tide