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In , Jacques Derrida gave a lecture at Johns Hopkins University that cast . ao pensamento de Derrida, porque essa série pode ser para principiantes e. Derrida – Para Principiantes Pág Glas by Jacques Derrida is on Leonardo’s to-keep-reference shelf.. Shelves: to-keep-reference. Looking for Derrida para principiantes / Derrida for Beginners. Memoirs For Paul De Man; by Derrida, Jacques (); Available Book Formats: Paperback (1 ).

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Glas extensively reworks the problems of reading and writ Jacques Derrida is probably the most famous European philosopher alive today.

Jan 29, Beth rated it really liked it. Powell Macques Author. Don’t be scared off by the “For Beginners” title, this is a good intro to an important and controversial modern philosopher. Hauntology makes this plural and temporal: Clifford rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Gorgeous typesetting, wish I had the HC Jul 12, Rowan Lynch added it. This is a tough book that you need to If you are afraid to read this book because you don’t want people to see you reading a “for beginners” book publicly, think about it this way; anybody who doesn’t know who Derrida is won’t care, and anybody who does know who Derrida is will appreciate any attempt to figure out what the heck he was saying.

Derrida Para Principiantes2 Bubbnova

I do feel, though, that I can finally read something from Derrida and not be completely lost, and I can also start forming some opinion on whether or not I agree with his claims, but, still, I’m not absolutely clear on what Derrida actually wanted to accomplish through his complete inversion and evisceration of Western philosophy – even after reading this book.


Jun 03, Brent marked it as to-read Shelves: This playful writing is probably even more difficult to parse than jargon-laden technical philosophy, in its own way.

Glas is extraordinary in many ways, most obviously in its typography. If you love the minutia of language and meaning then exploring Derrida’s ideas is a good way to gain perspective on how humans communicate. Refresh and try again.

Derrida for Beginners

Thus the frame is essential to the work of art; in the work of art. No trivia or quizzes yet. Derrida was certainly wrong. Oct 31, Avery rated it really liked it. Even if you don’t feel competent reading Derrida himself, this overview is important for post-modern discussion.

Indeed, Derrida’s fame nearly reached the status of a media star, with hundreds of people filling auditoriums to hear him speak, with films and televisions programs devoted to him, with countless books and articles devoted to his thinking. Derrida’s ‘writing’—confusing doesn’t begin to describe it it’s like he’s pulling jaxques rug out from under the rug that he pulled out from under philosophy. Lists with This Book. And very insightful into the life of a conflicted, brilliant man.

Sep 15, Trey Rogge rated it liked it. Next he hits Saussure, who had the poor sense to label writing as ‘evil’ in a book he wrote to be published.

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Preview — Glas by Jacques Derrida. A lot of this surely stems from hindsight – it seems obvious that man v. Although surface level due to its brevity and Dereida don’t think I fully completed the Derrida bookit proves its importance in that you’ll understand the whole picture when getting into deeper works. Lists with This Book. Jacques Derrida is probably the most famous European philosopher alive today.


A binary opposition is something like male-female, mind-body, presence-absence, subject-object, etc. They are a joy to read. The core tenet of deconstructionism, that there is no grounding center of meaning, is defined against dichotomies that are so absurd as to seem strawmen Christian v.

View all 3 comments. This is a tough book that you need to devote some time to, because nothing Derrida ever wrote or said was simple in any way. This book is fun. Aug 18, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: Embarassed I read this but not embarrassed enough to skip out on the reading goal progress. Still, the idea that the philosophy community would have taken these dichotomies seriously at face value at any time within the last hundred years seems unlikely.

Drew Fleshman rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Despite all its attempts at objectivity and provisionality, scientists are still beholden to the desire to ground their findings in some Absolute Reality. Return to Book Page.