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Jan Tschichold (–) is a reputed European typographer. Very few of those who write about typography and book design (and they are. 28/01/ · Dallas, TX · The Form of the Book, by Jan Tschichold, is the authority on book design and the best book I have ever read on typography (and I ‘ve. THE OF FORM THE BOOK The form of the Book offers the harvest of a lifetime’s devotion to the art of typography. Its author, Jan Tschichold.

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Three-to-em or even more compressed word spacing should be made the rule, unconditionally, and not in books alone.

I did enjoy the layout of the title with the subtitle alternating line by line. Absolute classic – seminal by the master of the art The latter is often translated, correctly, as tact.

If efforts are successful to combine page format and type area into an indissoluble unit, then the margin proportions become functions of page format and overall construction and thus are inseparable from either. It seems to me that a new-style Roman Bodoni for example is a less urgent requirement than one of the styles developed during the transitional period Baskerville for instance — but there is no argument against Walbaum roman, which I consider superior to Bodoni, since more restrained.

Good typography should be invisible. For th On the subject of the book page and its type area, there are some pages of quite mathematical minutiae, but this supports the overall impression one gains that the secret of typographical success — as with so much else — lies in the details.


The graphic tschlchold has to be or should be!

In order of importance, legibility and clarity have to come first; a smooth contour of the typeset page is of lesser importance. What is good taste, exactly?

The Form of the Book

I find myself wishing Bok could hear his pronouncements on all the font possibilities we have on the computer today. On the subject of the book page and its type area, there are some pages of quite mathematical minutiae, but this supports the overall impression one gains that the secret of typographical success fom as with so much else — lies in the details.

Essays on the Morality of Good Design is all about its visible shape or configuration. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Jan Tschichold, The Form teh the Book: He also sometimes poses his arguments as quite witty aphorisms: Want to Read saving….

Si legge come un romanzo ma fornisce indispensabili e rigorosi schemi per raggiungere risultati d’eccellenza nell’impaginazione.

Later in life, he dismissed Die Neue Typography as too extreme and fell in love with classic, rational symmetry in design. To ask boook readers questions about Form of the Bookplease sign up. Comfortable legibility is the absolute benchmark for all typography … Good typography can never be humorous … a truly beautiful book cannot be a novelty.

The Form of the Book : Essays on the Morality of Good Design

He measured early books and manuscripts, recorded dimensions, sketched page shapes and letterforms. It’s the whole point of the cover—to convey a scene, mood, or summary of the book. Unless the work consists of unusually long sentences, it is also unnecessary to increase the space after a period.


My favourite part is when Tschichold compare the quarto and octavo formats to men and women. So now let me get out of the way; I give you The Form of the Bookdigested:.

Lines with more than twelve words require more leading.

The Form of the Book – the finer points of book design

Where does he get off stating that “The work of a book designer differs essentially from that of a graphic artist”?

This number, however, is no more than a general guide, since the spaces between capitals have to be balanced against each other according to tschichood optical values.

The proportions between them are as desirable as the marriage between a man, and a woman, he claims, and to change that proportion is as impossible and undesirable as creating equality between the sexes!

Plus, I love the subtitle. Feb 04, Leonard Houx rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yet when a selection is made, one has to keep in mind the fonts already available in order to avoid inherently disharmonious mixtures.