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Drawing computer based panels for depicting a model railroad layout, (PanelPro ®). What DCC systems will Decoder Pro work with? 3. with operating instructions. This article will focus on the basic elements of PanelPro® and how I used it to build my dispatcher panel for my railroad, The Nickel. #Start. ✓ Note: The setup options for . For experienced users of Panel Editor JMRI versions prior to

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JMRI Panel Tutorial

What does OperationsPro do? When you click on it, the turnout on the layout would be commanded to change, and the track diagram would show which way a train would be routed. Here are the Panel Pro files for each step. Additional information on copyright, trademarks and licenses is linked here.

You can download the Part 1 xml file here.

Edit or view two Locations at the same time. Through the Operations menu you will be able to build trains from all your rolling stock, follow them on your JMRI Panels, print the ,anual to hand out to your crew and much more.

These might include the Panel Background, or the icons to attach to active elements switches, levers, track state, signals, etc. Panel Pro Sensors 2.


JMRI: PanelPro, an application for making Control Panels

As I told the folks at my clinics, If you see a test release that has been out for more than a week or so without a newer one replacing it, then feel confident that it will not cause you problems. The tutorial is developed in a Word document and published as pdf format files. More information about these is available on the Panel Editor help page. To select the icon, click the “edit icon Control Panel Editor is simply an alternative view and controller with the same content data as Panel Editor.

The “back” button returns you to the previous section. A section for adding a sensor.

JMRI: PanelPro

Get the latest Java as a free download at: JMRI is a maual software suite for programming decoders, creating panels, and other operations. JMRI is a Java-based cross-platform program suite for model railroaders. For example, you could have a turnout icon covering a turnout on a schematic diagram.

You can also customize all of the header text: See also the site status page. Two sections for adding left- and right-bound turnouts. To get your free copy of the Macromedia Flash player follow the above link. You can build the background from small icons as in the image above leftor provide a detailed drawing that you created in a drawing program image above right. The Route Edit panel has a manuql “Random” column with a menu of 10 items, The default is “Off” or disabled, and there are values between 10 and These panel files expect that you are running JMRI 2.


From the top, this contains: Layout Editor or Panel Editor?

Creating a panel These are made with a “Panel Editor”, which allows you to place images to represent turnouts, sensors on some systems and pael. There’s also an “Auto” option that allows you to select a background color for when a train is built, build fails, or is terminated.

Kansas City 2018 Signaling with LCC (Layout Command Control)

You can generally ignore these, as once the components has maanual inserted you can drag it around by holding the meta Apple, command, etc key down. Covers how to add CTC to your panel. See also the site status page. A button to pick a background image.