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The file extension for a JSFL script is In this tutorial, you’ll start visually by copying user actions from the History Panel. In a previous tutorial, I showed the basics of creating dialogs. In this post, I’ll elaborate on how to respond to a dialog, specifically how to cease. This tutorial will walk through the basics of creating a tool. Building a In Flash, create a new JSFL script (File > New > Flash JavaScript File).

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In addition to creating a settings XML file, you might consider adding some of the functionality covered in this section.

It jsrl to indicate what the tool will tutogial before the user releases the mouse button and commits to an action. Here you can change the display format and tooltip display. To create the panel, we’ll need several things on the stage. The mouseMove function is also built-in, and rather self-explanatory. My goal is to be able to create custom add-ons that automate repetitive work tailored to a given project. To make the panel look more like the other panels in Flash, I used F7F7F7 as the stage background color, but you can choose whatever color you want.

Call a function only if the result is not null. The “true” parameter tells Flash to ask us to save if a file has been modified. Your email address will not be published. Change to the Selection tool. Hands down, the best only? There is one more step to making this command accessible from within the Flash IDE; we need to drop it in the right location so Flash can find it!


What I’ve found so far: This will allow you to execute your script using the Commands menu and optionally, a keyboard shortcut. I was hoping to see source examples.

This one is pretty simple, but I do plan on doing several more on this topic in the near future; so stay tuned! One of the absolute coolest things about Flash extensions is that tutorjal can easily share them with others. We’ll use components and ActionScript 2.

The best way to start is to copy one of the existing JSX files and modify the code. The command we’ll be adding is a simple “Close Others” that will have Flash automatically close all the open. Our command will accomplish this task and prompt for a save if it detects changes in any of the open files.

10 Minutes with Flash: Creating an External Text File with JSFL

The ability to create extensions is one of my favorite features in Flash Pro. The mouseMove function is then called repeatedly as the user moves the mouse. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. In this case, the shape stroke, fill, and color options will be displayed, since the end goal is to draw a line on Stage. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it tutoroal not work correctly without it enabled. Check your email to confirm your subscription and get your reward.


Select the rectangle on stage and delete it. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. That does it for this tutorial.

The name Flash uses internally is assigned using setToolName. Inside that if check, the starting point is stored as a new variable, in case you want to manipulate it without altering the startPt variable, and the current location of the mouse is stored. So, if you’re on Windows 7, as I am, go to the following location: The first line inside this function will activate the drawingLayer using the beginDraw method.

There is very little documentation on creating a Deco tool.

Creating Flash Extensions — Part 1: Introduction

The setMenuString and setToolTip methods determine how the tool name is displayed in the Flash interface and Toolbar on rollover. In the Flash menu tutoorial Commands and you should see your new command listed there.

Hit the Run Script button within the script editor and return to the Flash document. In most cases, if you have a syntax error in your script, it will be displayed in the Output panel, along with a line number. Notify me of new posts by email.