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Seven months after killing her parents in a car accident, year-old Willow Randall has moved in with her married older brother’s family in New. Julia Claricia Hoban is an American author of children’s books. Her notable books include Willow and Acting Normal. Willow explores the survivor guilt of a. Books: Willow, Julia Hoban fanfiction archive with over 15 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

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View all 18 comments. Very melodramatic, as was Willow. But then comes the real kicker. I did not like Willow.

View all 13 comments. People will always judge you for them unfortunately. Seriously, Guy, I’m loving you.

Another complaint of mine is the ending. Open Preview See a Problem? Snap by the-devil-boy reviews A poem inspired from Willow.

Oh, and why was David so calm about realizing that Willow had sex? My dear, dear, good readers.

I thought there was going to be some weird-ass love triangle. You can’t just depend on one person to pull you up and get you through things. Return to Book Page.

If you’ve ever wondered what could possibly driv Which is worse?

That’s the hardest part, and if you are looking for a book that can actually help you please please pleaaaaassseee read Cut by Patricia McCormick, it is only pages long and it can really help. Overall, parts of this book and others parts I didn’t like at all aka Willow.


I want to get better. It is about respecting yourself – and finding that respect – enough to know that you are worth the efforts and the struggles to be healthy. Julia Hoban has created an unflinching story about cutting, grieving, and starting anew.

Children’s Book Review: Willow by Julia Hoban, Author . Dial $ (p) ISBN

I recommend this book for everyone age 15 or over. Willow is a real, honest, and emotional book. Next up is the way the story was written.

This isn’t willoww Cinderella story, people. They were bland, dull, and lifeless. That is not ok. Aug 14, Eve rated it did not like it Shelves: It’s not because they don’t care or that they are cruel, of course not, it’s because they don’t know what to do, and you can’t expect them to know either. But one kiss from Guy makes her stop. None of those things happened, I think having the deep emotional factor that it has only enhanced the reading experience and made it that much more meaningful.

I don’t want to talk too much about the plot itself because I think this is one that’s best discovered as you read, as you let it reveal itself to you. View all 14 comments.

Willow by Julia Hoban | : Books

View all 3 comments. The mental state these people are in and the emotions that they’re feeling isn’t something that can be cured by meeting a dude and getting into a relationship with him. It is a love story, featuring a cutter.


Willow suggests that sweeping romance and premature sex will guide self-harming teenage girls to safety, and I’m sorry, but I strongly protest against that concept.

A hug for Guy for 4? She keeps to herself, avoiding any and all contact with her former friends. Mulia life is not a guarantee.

Sec Holy freaking insert swear word here!!

Julia Hoban

Some more dumb than others. I can’t pretend like I have any knowledge of cutting. Guy is an interesting character. Very few teenage girls with these kind of issues want to read a self-help book, go to a counselor, or talk to their parents. I had one issue with Willow and that was the fact that she tended to think the worst before truly knowing someone’s thoughts, and at first I did not think that I would be able to connect with her or any of the others, but I found that the further I read the more I connected.

Eventually she meets Guy – a sensitive and sensible student at her school.

Willow is a 16 year NO. One more thing that didn’t quite fly with me was the end. It happens a lot.