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Kalsarpa Yoga gives vitality, endurance, stamina and unparallelled strength to the individual.

Kala Sarpa Dosha/ Yog and Remedies

Do Mahamrityunjaya jap for 1 lakh and 25 thousand times. It is believed that Kalsarpa Yoga is a result of killing Cobra in the previous life. It is believed that Rahu is snake’s head while Ketu is its tail in Kalsarpa Yoga.

Almighty has created planetary means to punish erring humans, but it has also provided for the means to quell it with the help of bhakti and mantras. You dont have any items in your cart. Chant Rahu and Ketu mantras times everyday. Jupiter is the Samgraha. They all are having good life. It’s telguu comming inside 15 days when Kalsrapa Yog enters gochar. Remedies for Kalasarpa Dosha.

Kala Sarpa Dosha/ Yog and Remedies | Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham

Thanks for visiting Namaste! Some believe that this dosh comes if someone kills serpants in previous birth. When all the planets kalassarpa hemmed between Rahu and Ketu i. People having Kalsarpa Yoga in their horoscope achieve success in their endeavours and attain popularity on account of these special qualities.


Paid Services Reports. Your help and support needed to provide more free Vedic Astrology services through this website. In the horoscope of individuals having Kalsarpa Yoga, all the planets are placed in just one side, between Rahu and Ketu. Make a snake idol of wheat or lentil and worship it for one year.

It suits people who are in spirituality or politics more. It was there in the horoscope of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as well as the priest, who found out auspicious moment muhurta for oath-taking, Jyotishacharya Surya Narayan Vyas had it in his horoscope as well. On the other hand, Ketu is high in Sagittarius and low in Gemini. In behaviour, Ketu is very similar to Mars, but comparatively mild.

Due to their Srap or Vrat one will suffer with delay in marriage and lack of children or having problems in getting pregnency.

Only few cases wtih this dosh had very bad life. Also do Rahu-Ketu jap either yourself or seek the help of a priest. This will help us as well as needy people who are interested in Free Astrology and Horoscope services.

What is Kala Sarpa Dosha?

If proper measures are taken acording to spiritual procedure under the guidance of an experienced astrologer or priest, it’s possible to avoid its bad effects. Rahu is a cruel planet, very similar to that of Saturn. Therefore, such individuals are always prone to snake bites and often dreams of snakes pretty often. I will try my level best to give you accurate Astrology programs and predictions.


Yantra to pacify planets and have a happy life. This kind of information making people affride of this dosha without having the dosh in their birth charts. Dsha, Kalsarpa Yoga is nothing to te,ugu feared about. As many famous people, celebreties also have this yog or dosh.

Following are some common means Free Vedic Janmakundali Horoscope with predictions in Hindi. Purpose of this Kalasarp dosha calculator is to calculate Kalasarpa dosha correctly and give correct and accurate information about Kaal sarp dosha to visitors, as few Astrologers telling people that they are having kalasarpa dosha even after their charts clearly indicating that there is no Kalasarpa dosha.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Trayambakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and a lot can be achieved by making a visit to the place, not just quelling Kalsarpa Yoga.