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Meghaduta by Kalidasa: translation from the Sanskrit by Holcombe. Kalidasa’s Meghaduta or Cloud Messenger translated from the Sanskrit into good English verse: a free pdf ebook with notes and bibliography. The Meghadūta of Kālidāsa has ratings and 14 reviews. A poem of stanzas, it is one of Kālidāsa’s most famous works. The work is divided into two.

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Some of the territories mentioned in the poem were recently conquered and brought into the sway of the expanding empire. This detail explanation is one of the best example of ‘Simile’ and ‘Metaphor’ figure of speeches. Which was to be taken off by only me at the end of the curse.

With a sigh that injures that buds that are her lips she scatters her hair, Hanging down to her cheek, Rough because she bathes only with pure water.

Show them the ground with lightning that glistens like a streak of gold! No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Meghadūta of Kālidāsa

Most words are over-determined, conveying a wide range of unrelated meanings. Their eyes steal the beauty of bees that follow cast aside Kunda flowers, Gleaming black and white, moving higher and higher, Lifting up their lashes, Flirting with furrowed brows. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The sight of a cloud makes even the hearts of happy people flutter about, How much more for people who are distant and desire to embrace the neck of their lover. By bringing the two lovers together conceptually, the cloud serves to reinforce the distance between them.

Nov 11, Yashwanth Balighatta rated it really liked it. And therefore, this poem is mainly the description of the many beautiful places and people and emotions that the cloud would come across on the way. How can I compress the long hours of the night into a single instant, And how can I reduce the heat of each moment of lalidasa day?

It’s actually disappointing to see how ignored Kalidasa is in today’s times, when once it was said of him that the counting of great poets started and ended at him. I kalidaas that you are a shape shifter, and are really a minister of Indra, You were born in the world-renowned lineage of apocalyptic clouds.

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. I know her heart is chock full of love for me— This is why I imagine her thus during out first separation. Please try again later. Many translations exist, generally in the style of their period, some being designed to help Sanskrit students meghaeuta the grammar and vocabulary of Kalidasa’s elevated and harmonious language.


Meghadhta the distinct cooing of cranes, sweet with kalidasaa. How can a cloud so moving, mixed and got of water vapour, fire and wind be used by Yaksha appropriately as messenger? Wholly demoralised, he kept thinking about his wife and felt her absence terribly. Whether separated by mountain ranges, highways, miles, or yards, the distance hardly matters. Views Read Edit View history. Meghasuta who once was eager to whisper in your ear What could have been spoken aloud in front of kqlidasa friends, Because he longed for the touch of your face, Has passed beyond the range of your eyes and ears.

Help us improve this article! May you never be like me, separated from your lightning!

The Meghadūta of Kālidāsa by Kālidāsa

A Sanskrit Grammar for Students O. Anyone will be able to download it from there and the file will remain there always. An excerpt is quoted in Canadian director Deepa Mehta ‘s film, Water.

I imagine her face— Eyes swollen by powerful tears, Lips chapped by the heat of many sighs, Laid down in her hands, Partially hidden by her hanging hair, Showing the depression of the moon, Whose glow is obscured by your approach.

Himanshu Tiwari rated it really liked it Dec 16, Having seen you with your lightning flashing at your corners, With an agitated mind I remember it being dear to my wife. Your email address will not be published. The action in Sanskrit poetry is often driven by adjectival compounds, which function as sub-clauses of the main sentence.

That lover spent several months on the mountain. Muneera Alkharsan rated it really liked it Apr 15, The forests on its outskirts will be filled with jambhu trees. The translation of Sanskrit poetry offers many difficulties. Because of your gift of shade you will become acquainted with the faces of the flower gatherers, Whose lotus ear ornaments are withered and wilted, Having been crushed as they wipe away the sweat from their faces.

I truly adored this poem. In Sanskrit literature, the poetic conceit used in the Meghaduta spawned the genre of Sandesa Kavya or messenger poems, most of which are modeled on the Meghaduta and are often written in the Meghaduta ‘ s “mandakranta” metre.


The remarkable point to notice is that Kalidasa being from either fourth or fifth century AD knew the pattern of Monsoon and the areas it cover.

Deriving its beauty from the amazing metaphors and depictions of natural beauty, Meghadutam is a story of a Yaksha divine beings who has been cursed to live for a year in Ramagiri in Vindhya Mountains of Central India.

His wife also kept reminiscing about him all day and all night. It is necessary to take these trivial details seriously, because they describe the incontestable day-to-day experience of a place that is neither interchangeable nor commutable, a place whose over there will never reduce to a herebecause my physical transport, bag and baggage, from one here to another herenot only retains in this latter here the status of over therebut reinforces it.

Although a detour from your Northerly route, Your majesty should not turn away from enjoying the verandas of the palaces of Ujjain; You would be robbed if you did not enjoy the eyes of the urbane women, Whose corners quiver as they are frightened by the flash of your streak of lightning. There are two parallel love stories being told in the poem: But he in eagerness and grief confused mistakes as sentient a thing that’s not.

Thanks for pointing out this error. I will upload it today itself. Her beauty is one that comes from the world around her and yet exceeds it by displaying the loveliest parts.

Kalidasa Meghaduta: English Translation as free ebook

Teardrops as big as pearls Fall without fail on the roots of trees, From the local deities who kaildasa me, My arms stretched out into empty space As if reaching for a tight embrace, As I picture you in my dreams. The use of adjectives to progress the plot is obvious in Howlbut it can become more complex and convoluted in the Sanskrit poem.

His efforts are carried out by women who flirt expertly with those they desire— With arched brows and their eyes directed They hit their mark, the target of love. His Style and Times N.