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Kiss of the Highlander (The Highlander Series, Book 4) [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A laird trapped between. Read Kiss of the Highlander online free from your Mobile, Pc. Kiss of the Highlander is a Romance novel by Karen Marie Moning. Kiss of the Highlander has ratings and reviews. Kat Kennedy said: Yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m even more ashamed than when I gave its.

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O ambas, jaja, el caso es que tampoco me lo esperaba. The face of pure evil. It was everything you all said it would be and more. When Gwen falls into Drustens cave she awakens the hunk of spunk and instantly their passion for one another is palpable. I was captivated from the first page and I literally did not put the book down until I finished it.

Books by Karen Marie Moning. Secondary characters that play a huge role in kids plot and are so intriguing, you hope that you get more of them, in future books or stories of their own.

You were all right, I didn’t miss a thing. Yes view spoiler [They are separated a few different times at least physicallybut there was no mention or suggestion of other partners during this time.

Read Kiss of the Highlander online free by Karen Marie Moning | PNovels

Good and logical but, like Gwen said when Drustan explained what had happened, “this hurts my head. To find her cherry picker. For those of you that have read the Fever series, yes, he is a MacKeltar. La historia no se le parece en nada.


Fref this book take place mostly in the present or mostly in the past?

Kiss of the Highlander | Karen Marie Moning

I struggled at times with this one tbh. Unfortunately, he awakens in the future, and finds his home destroyed, meaning that his line was broken and the lore forgotten. I like that she has plausible science and mixes the Druid lore with physics and mathematics so that you read this book and can freee believe that Druid magic is just science in a different framework of understanding.

Oh boy, I could stare at Nathan Kamp’s lips for a lifetime! Gwen is sent back in time where she needs to change a series of events that cause Drustan to be cursed. What more could you ask for? I honestly wished I had read this book and the ones that follow highpander the Fever series by Moning. Once upon a time ‘a girl who was hiking in the foothills of Scotland found an enchanted highlader sleeping in a cave above Loch Ness’. Too much to ponder. The strongest part of this book is, without a doubt, the characters.

Kiss of the Highlander

Jesus Christ, these books are like crack. There is also a time travel aspect to this story.

Jul 11, MelissaB rated it it was amazing Shelves: Moning’s snappy prose, quick wit and charismatic characters will enchant. I’m back in the game: She decides to go for a hike. The fault lies with Karen Marie Moning.

Love the pic, and I’d sure like to meet that model just to see how good a Highlander kiss can be: Heartwarming and hilarious in turns, it kept kagen interest.

A few pages in and all that OCD flew out the window!! After seeing a few of my GR friends speak so highly of the highlander novels by Karen Marie Moning I thought “What the hell, I need a palate cleanser between the ‘real’ books”.


Want to Read saving….

View all 76 comments. Her heroines tend to be on the physically perfect side, but they are so nice, it doesn’t annoy me. Drustan kne A laird trapped between centuries Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate. D I’ve said this many times that I am not big on Historical romance reads. After being in what seems to be a coma or deep sleep, Gwen somehow awakens him.

Yes view spoiler [Both of them push away and also pursue the relationship at times. Gwen was a great heroine, she was intelligent, honorable and smart enough to figure out how to trap Drustan in his own guarderobe. But when he miscalculates, they find themselves in a time further back before he was enchanted. He is strangely attracted to Gwen. Drustan knew he had to return to his own century if he was to save his people from a terrible fate.

Drustan is instantly confused by his surroundings and shocks Gwen when he declares that he is from the 16th century and somehow had been enchanted. Jan 12, Chappy rated it it was amazing Shelves: But this is no safe cherry picker, Gwen thought, growing more concerned by the moment.