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Knightmare Chess is a fantasy chess variant published by Steve Jackson Games (SJG) in Knightmare Chess is played with cards that change the default rules of chess. The cards might change how a piece moves, move opponent’s. Multiple variants are included in the rules. Integrates with: Knightmare Chess 2 Number of Cards French First Edition: 72 Cards German First Edition: 51 Cards. Multiple variants are included in the rules. The edition of Knightmare Chess includes the cards from both Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2.

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He can then use his offensive cards to put you completely at his mercy if you run out of cards quickly. Knightmare Chess Steve Jackson Games publishes in Summer a translation of the French Tempete sur l’Echiquiera set of cards, knighrmare be used in combination with a chess board.

Where the French original had funny cartoons, the U. Description Discussions 0 Comments 6 Change Notes. For example, a card called Demotion says:. What happens if I try to make a move, but my opponent plays ruoes card BOG that results in an illegal final position i.

Don’t think of them as lost soldiers, but as paratroopers waiting to be dropped on the board on a later turn. The sets are known as Knightmare Chess 1 [2] and Knightmare Chess 2 ; [3] a single card deck can be created by shuffling both decks together. The rules are simple and plainly written.

Knightmare chess rules, anyone? – game | Ask MetaFilter

I also don’t like the artwork in the American edition, but really think it’s not the most important. Did I really want to be trounced by Steve at chess?

Yes to both, again because capturing is impossible. Black may play his card, if it’s an appropriate knihhtmare, during or after White’s move. I can do without the cheap pun. For Immediate Release — March 18, At the beginning of Black’s move, he discards his card if he still has it.


Cards that affect Pawns or Kings, respectively. How do Pawns on the first rank move? If you favor the Queen, include a lot of Queen cards, etc. He may play his card or hold onto it. Since checkmate was delivered earlier without the use of a card, it is still legal.

Tuesday, January 4th, File Timestamp: Both cards are discarded, and you must take back your illegal move and make another move. This mod includes a set of rules and official rulings, both on the board and in the notebook.

The Knightmare Chess rules urge you to build your deck according to your playing style. One card might make your knight move like a bishop for one turn, and another builds a permanent wall to stop enemy pieces! I hadn’t played chess much in many years because it’s a bit too cerebral and abstract for me — I tend to go with lighter games with more flavorful backgrounds these days.

Knightmare Chess

This is the complete set of the card, knightmsre edition of Knightmare Chess plus one blank. It’s an excellent game. Ended up being entirely more work than I anticipated thought.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. I have been waiting for around 15 years to get this ability to play with my friends ruled the net.

Wednesday, Rrules 1st, Last Modified: Here are a couple of links to the boxes if you’re interested in a sample or two. And if both players have their own decks, you can each custom-design a deck from your own cards and meet head-to-head!

Different starting position Chess Displacement chess Transcendental Chess. Point values range chses two to ten per card, with the average around six points. Since capturing is impossible, it cannot give check third paragraph under The Checkmate Rule. Saying “King” has no effect, as usual. Miscellaneous Download the FAQ!

If promotion occurs on your opponent’s turn and you give check with your promotion, then the card that enabled the promotion is cancelled, by the extended Checkmate Rule.


Highest regards for you, for this is my favorite chess variant. Conversely, Steve Darlington of RPGnetwhile finding the artwork “absolutely gorgeous” and that “in terms of sheer presentation This item has been added to your Subscriptions. The total chaotic power of one’s personal deck can be measured in the sum of the points of all cards in the deck. What about Pawns that are moved back to the second rank?

For a balanced game each player uses the same point total, or a stronger player can use a lower point total as a handicap. If my move puts my opponent in apparent checkmate, does he get a chance to escape by playing a card in his hand? Or find a happy medium? Promotion is still limited to Knights, Bishops, Rooks, and Queens, just like in ordinary chess. You will always see two cards you’re leaving for your opponent as you make your move.

I could suggest lots of little things that might have improved this or that as with all gamesbut generally I find it better thoughout and more well ballanced that most games that you’ll find on store shelves.

The French original version had a cartoonish tone, unlike the English version, and the cards in the French original version are also different from the English version. In my experience, it’s best not to expect a quick kill. They are distinct piece names. There are so many cards that will allow you to return captured pieces that it’s actually nice that there are some captured pieces to bring back!

But what if playing the card was the only way to get out of checkmate?