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Items Hint: You can also search for an older LGB product by entering the old article , 50 Years of LGB Anniversary Locomotive (50 Jahre LGB). The LGB Steam Locomotive from a Construction Set. Features include an operating smoke unit, operating lights, plastic side rods, latch couplers . LGB LN Stainz Steam in Green with DCC Sound – Pre-owned – Like new. LN Stainz Steam in Green with DCC Sound -. *Click the.

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Thread starter homestyal Start date 18 Oct For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Having found that my existing smoke generator has packed up, I’m going to replace 220212 with a new one.

Looking through the catalogue, there are three to choose from, being 24v, 18v and 5v, part numbersand respectively. Which is the correct one for my Stainz – can anybody help?

LGB – Spare parts lists

Neil Robinson Registered 18 Oct I had recently converted two Stainz to MTS for which now, neither steam. So I need the 24v ones. You do not need to replace your existing smoke generator, you need to set the cv value for funtion 1 output voltage to I do not remember the actual cv and i do not have immediate access to the information, but I think it is cv 49 for Massoth and LGB decoders.


I lgv if your lights are dimmer than lvb were before the conversion.

Spare parts lists

If so, you would need to set the cv value for the relevant cv I think is cv 50 to 32 as well. CV50 Voltage for lighting terminals.

If my lights are dimmer, I set CV50 to 32 also? I’ll let you know how I get on Thanks everyone for your help. Very useful information, thank you.

In your 02212 with your locos, have you had to change CV49 voltage when fitting a Decoder? Do you set the CV to the voltage of the generator i. Doug Live Steam, scratch building 19 Oct Now I am confused. If I fit a decoder to the interface i. I’m not sure if you can interpolate to calculate values! So what’s the value for 24v? All I can say is – thank goodness I’m still analogue even my railway is – I’ve followed this pgb and am more confused than when it started!

Neil Robinson Registered 20 Oct Neil you are certainly correct with newer locos with the interface long plug with 10 wires in a single row. I am not so certain about the slightly earlier models with the LGB ‘direct decoder’ socket grey plug with 6 wires.


LGB 20212 Stainz Smoke Generator – what voltage?

Hope someone can enlighten us. It has been suggested that wiring a 5V smoke direct to the decoder may overload that function mamp I think – thats why some people replace with a 24V smoke wired to the wheels pickup.

Of course 2021 you get to the odd situation of being able to wire the 24V smoke to the board and increase the board voltage to full track power because the current will be a lot lower with a higher voltage smoke ltb. All other values of CV 49 represent a proportion of full track voltage.

This is true when there is no decoder interface board. When a decoder interface board is involved, the voltage will be determined by the presence or absence of a stabilization circuit. You must log in or register to reply here. Facebook Pinterest Email Link. This site uses cookies to lgbb personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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