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Buy Veronika decide morir de Paulo Coelho: Resumen Y Análisis Completo by (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Ingresado en Villete como esquizofrénico, el cual hasta la llegada de Veronika, no había observado ninguna mejoría acerca de su enfermedad. Veronika decide morir. Comparación del libro. Paulo Coelho Gracias Titanic ganó 11 premios Óscar, entre estos ninguno para Leo. El huracán.

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Like a doctor applying defibrillator paddles to a heart attack victim, Dr Igor’s “prognosis” jump-starts Veronika’s new appreciation of the world around her. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

What can you expect depending on book condition?.

Diver Jocs

Not a bad read, but certainly nothing spectacular. The philosophy was good and the moral of the story too.

Because of this new-found freedom, Veronika experiences all the things she never allowed herself to experience, including hatred and love. I didn’t really take much away form it though, as this is a subject I feel I’ve already been through and outgrown and is no longer a novelty for me.

Thanks for telling us korir the problem. Return to Book Page. Still though, not a fan lbiro the writing style or the way too obvious and preachy message.

View all 26 comments. Paulo Coelho just isn’t for me, I’ve decided, so this will be the last book I read by him.

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More refinements More refinements Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Feb 09, Fer: I feel like the author works way too hard to show that he is more well-adjusted than I am. Twenty-four-year-old Veronika seems to have everything — youth and beauty, boyfriends and a loving family, a fulfilling job. May 26, Murat G. Veronika’s reasons to suicide are absolutely ridiculous. Si ha la sensazione di leggere parole vuote, collegamenti insensati, una storia che manca di contenuto.


Concept and theme was good but I just couldn’t finish it Please provide a valid price range. It was really just because of his impeccable writing that I took an interest in Veronika’s life.

The book wasn’t outstanding but it wasn’t one I regret reading either. The song ‘Veronika decides to die’ by Plymothian ska-rock band NoComply is also a direct reference to the book.

To ask other readers questions about Veronika Decides to Dieplease sign up. I was going back and forth between giving this book 1 or 2 starts, and in the end opted for 2 because it’s definitely not the worst story I’ve read this year.

veronika decide morir by PAOLA GARNICA on Prezi

The ending of the book was insanely predictable. But as a whole? Quotes from Veronika Decides Nos invitan a vivir nuestros suenos, aceptar la incertidumbre, alzarnos ante nuestro propio destino y seguir el camino del guerrero, el camino de aquel que dompleto valorar el milagro de la vida, aceptar las derrotas sin dejarse abatir por ellas y cuya busqueda lo lleva a convertirse en quien quiere ser.

I also noticed some of the exact same dislikes I had with the first book I read by him, The Alchemist. It is a transformation from irritation to hope, from disgust to pleasure.


I think, however, that the author deserves some credit for taking this allegory of a girl deciding to die and using it to explore, apart from the obvious message of ‘life is precious’, themes such as religion, sexuality, and his personal philosophies, which was to be expected from Paulo Coelho. The shifting of focus on characters was very confusing, like the book is written in 3rd person limited, but one paragraph we’re focused on Veronika, then suddenly it’s not about her, it’s about Zelda.

The ending is okayish but very predictable.

Veronika Decides to Die

I have decided that this book must have been commissioned by Hallmark. During her internment in Villette she realizes that she has nothing to lose and can, therefore, do what she wants, say what she veroonika and be who she wants without having to worry about what others think of her; as a mental patient, she is unlikely to be criticized.

In a sense, it was the truth of the western world and will be applicable to the eastern world which is actually involved all the time in copying the west. But you always get one thing on extra which you don’t get in ss movie or sa delivery, that’s what i call and still admire the novel for”LIFE”