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The wifi login username password for Linksys WAP55AG. Linksys WAP55AG Login Instructions. This page shows you how to login to the Linksys WAP55AG. Other Linksys WAP55AG Guides. Login to Linksys WAP55AG Router · Change your Linksys WAP55AG IP Address · Download Manuals for Linksys WAP55AG. Linksys WAP55AG download manual. Linksys WAP55AG User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Linksys WAP55AG router.

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Setup WiFi on the Linksys WAP55AG

In the Contact field, enter contact information for the Access Point. Update your firmware version to allow for this much more secure option. Planning Your Wireless Network Chapter 3: In order for all other wireless devices to communicate with the Access Point, those devices must be operating in the Infrastructure Mode. Wireless Channel Picking a WiFi channel wa;55ag not always a simple task.

Linksys WAP55AG – Wireless A+G Access Point User Manual

Go to the Linksys website at www. Read the description below to solve your problems. Page 40 Can Linksys Wireless products support file and printer sharing?

The next screen that appears will depend on your security selection.

Change your SSID to something unique and not something related to your company or the networking products you use. Select Enable then click the button labeled Edit Security Settings.


There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: Your wireless network needs to have a name to uniquely identify it from other wireless networks.


Instant wireless series dual-band wireless access point 29 pages. Warranty Information Appendix H: Upgrading Firmware Appendix C: Read our WEP vs. The configuration performed with the Setup Wizard is complete. Factory Defaults Figure Topology – A network’s topology is a logical characterization of how the devices on the network are connected and the distances between them.

PC, or access point that is farthest from the Router. WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy – Wap55ag method of encrypting network data transmitted on a wireless network for greater security. Please select a file to upgrade.

Upgrade – To replace existing software or firmware with a newer version. This is a text string with a maximum of 16 alphanumeric char- acters used for generating a WEP Key.

Wireless manyal products come with a default SSID set by the factory. Changing the sign-on password for wal55ag Access Point is as easy as typing the password into the AP Password field. From this drop-down menu, you can select the wireless standards running on your network. When the Network window reappears, click the OK button. Page 15 – Chapter 5: Enabling this option should provide your network with greater performance, depending on the manufacturer of your wireless products.

Every obstacle placed between an Access Point and wireless Linnksys will create signal loss. There is no way to know the exact range of your wireless network without testing.


The Snmp Tab Otherwise, select Disable. Wireless-A Settings Authentication Type. The Access Point will be set up in the Setup Wizard through a wired network connection.

You may refer to Chapter 4: An integrated wireless and wired network is called an infrastructure: What is Turbo mode? It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it.

Setup WiFi on the Linksys WAP55AG

Operating Humidity Storage Humidity 7. The best place for the Access Ilnksys is usually at the center of your wireless network, with line of sight to all of your PCs and wireless accessories.

Enter your wireless Possible Problems when Changing your WiFi Settings After making these changes to your router you will almost definitely have to reconnect any previously connected devices. Congratulations Page 23 – Chapter 6: In the Device Name field, enter the name of the Access Point. Status – Wireless Network Figure C Specifications Page 28 – Appendix E: