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Temele deocheate ale timpului nostru. Front Cover. Luca Pitu. Paralela, – pages Author, Luca Pitu. Publisher, Paralela, ISBN, exert an influence, intr-un volum recent, Luca Pitu soloseste sintagma “grupul de la Iaşi” (Luca Pițu, Documentele antume ale “Grupului de la Iaşi (Iasi, ). Read 50 publications, and contact Luca Canetta on ResearchGate, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. A.F. Pitu. Politecnico di Milano. Projects.

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Simone Boué, Emil Cioran, Luca Pitu

It’s so easy to contract nostalgia for the remote times of the avantgarde. Kitsch engineers the distance it has to be perceived from, together with the continuous attraction it exerts, that gently undermines that distance.

Kitsch links the represented masses and their political representative. Their phenomenology builds a secure bracketing out of my own taste – not the taste-already-in-statement, the judgement – but the felt taste, the substantial basis of the statement that falsifies its ground.

Your transparent your self Narcisse, m’a b ime Publications: And their business goes that well in spite of their accusations and because of them. It can be perceived in a corner or on a shelf, conveniently far away.

Your transparent your self Narcisse, m’a b ime.

Simone Boué, Emil Cioran, Luca Pitu | napalmtop | Flickr

It tames, it brings the quiet the one sought afterand happiness in the heart of the syphilistines and delivers them to their elected leaders.

You live a kind of quiet knowing that it is there, whatever may happen to this exhausting, cruel, and cold world. All these are stories about how we can’t make stories. Gott ist tot – what’s to be done? Nature knows better than kitsch and what she does not know better, she forgets ; it simply lacks this possibility – no color combination, no shapes in nature are kitsch. The kitsch object devours the surroundings: Coito, ergo sum Luca Pitu disait-il, quoi?


Kitsch is the heroin and heroism of the masses. As a matter of taste, the global’s split between the hyperreal Atlantiquity and the syphilistine infrareal. This kuca sweeps concentration way: The land before god chests the avantgarde’s spear.

Describe harmony and you’ll be breathing – on prescription – the airseptic exhaled by Aristurtle and Vasari. So kitsch presents the unrepresentable, elects governernments, rules with a velvet fist. Who’s there to weep it?

Time is devoid of events, a pure time, at the antipodes of Kant’s a priori – insofar as it is obtained by incontrolable syntheses: Taste hyperhates the many. However, gadgets are too artificial the most artificial, to be precise, to be found or lost under this sky to be recyclable.

Unless you hide – under the crimson moving wounds or under the clean sheet pitk freckled skin – the scars with lufa history has marked you, you’ll be in the arrieregarde of the avantgarde. Then let’s push hardships. Indeed, why would you? Taste as a faculty – like imagination or lucs – is that which lacks in the process of cutting phenomenological ways through kitsch. For the syphilistine, the kitsch object is an angelic sign which protects him from himself, a symbol of gentle possession.

It buries experience in velvet coffins not to be open – no one should open that canned void. They’re all mad in their crave for purity; on top of, avantgarde is crazy.


Il nous potu deux guerres, et, puis, un Daguerre, pour nous en sortir. We’re bullies of bliss, we don’t murmur, we state. Blue Moly in improbable fields. Their adoring swallowers, the syphilistines, suffocate and smile, groan and buy.

Exquisite Corpse – A Journal of Letters and Life

You can’t tell what’s going on in Piu paintings, can’t make stories out of them. The only way to narrativize them is to tell the story of your own interpretation of Magritte’s paintings. Idyllique dieu, ce theos-telos de la technique.

There is no way back from kitsch. From the outside, taste tastes its own burial. Fearful angels, sweetened by syphilistines: Moly’s true and Moly’s blue, she brings relief against inhuman metamorphosis, she’s blue all the way down. But easy going Moly does not pay rent in Atlantiquity this hints to what you know about Atlantiquity, to which I can’t attend verbally ; she’s before that, between you and that remote improbability which is the land of the avantgarde: It is taste that which bring naturaleness in the higher states of contemplation and the subject to the understanding of its nature.

But don’t make it desirable, for it’s already possible – make a gewgaw pittu of yourself. Pluck out your taste, castrate yourself with Occam’s razor, make theory possible.