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I have been looking everywhere for a M16A4/ACOG TA01NSN 4×32 standard GI 25meter zero target. I have seen them online but can’t find. Designed for the M4/M16A4, the ACOG provides an “auto ranging” reticle for ranges When a target is acquired, use the ranging reticle (if time allows) to get an Without the aid of references, demonstrate the two methods to zero the ACOG. feedback (Figure 10). The M Sight, RCO, when installed on a M4/M4A1/ M16A4/M16A2, is zeroed on a standard M16 zero target with alternate strike points.

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With earlier versions of the TWS, scanning too fast causes a stuttering on the screen, which causes the soldier to miss or overlook a target. The course of fire for the TWS is the same scenario as the day qualification tables with the same requirements for standards of fire for current day standards.

25 Meter Zeroing Targets | The Weapon Blog

zcog I read the TM and it states that zeroing the m reticles at 25 m is not accurate as oppose to the m reticle zeroing. Help out a brother Figure shows the backup iron sights training program. If the borelight is on the circle and the red dot of the M68 is on the crosshair, the firer’s weapon system is boresighted.

Do not turn the adjustment screws too much or they will break. The above link is for the peq-2a. Also, sighting in a super short range like 25 or 33 amplify any errors made acob mismatch in design parameters sight picture consistency, actual distance between target and firer Feb 26, Messages: It should be within 1 MOA 2″ at if the BCD is correct, you should be good enough for government work out to m.


Dench, what is the size of the tqrger when it is printed?

When cutting the 3-centimeter square out of the target, some of the strike zone may be cut out. To boresight using the BIS, align the iron sights with the Canadian bull on the meter boresight target.

Have the firer get behind the weapon in a stable supported firing position looking through the M Their effectiveness zcog limited by the capability of the image-intensifying I2 sight with which they are used.

IR light is received through the telescope, detected by an IR sensor, converted to digital data, processed, and displayed for the user. The dot follows the horizontal and vertical movement of the gunner’s eye while remaining fixed on the target. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and polarity helps enhance the thermal cues of a target, allowing for quicker detection and identification.

ACOG zeroing question | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

This is real life, this is not how it is setup in-game at the moment. Dec 26, Messages: Place the zeroing mark approximately 10 meters from the end of the barrel so that the visible laser strikes the zeroing mark. Per ACOG usage, top of the chevron is where you should aim. I pulled my manual and scanned it just in case you aren’t able to get the ACOG target but it may be too small to read. I know what manual you are talking about.


Discussion in ‘ Equipment ‘ started by DenchMay 15, Found this in Trijicon’s manual cause I needed reading material. So long story short the manual told me to use a particular part of the reticle for the near zero so the rest of the reticle would fall in place at the intended ranges.

Two soldiers a firer and a target holder are required to properly boresight a weapon. This position of the borelight, and where the visible laser is pointing, aocg identified as the half turn position. Record qualification with the TWS can be done day and or night. Turn the borelight laser back on.

M4 / M16 25 Meter Zeroing Target

When the target is detected the soldier orients his weapon around the base of the target, activates his laser, and walks the laser to the center mass of the target for engagement. Stabilize the weapon so it will not move. You actually zeroed to m if i understand right?. If the borelight is k4, then go directly to the boresighting procedures. There’s a direct link to a zeroing target in a PDF form.