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by Joël de Rosnay . Let us use the macroscope to direct a new look at nature, society, and man observes in the macroscope the organism that shelters it. Joël de Rosnay, (born 12 June ) is Docteur ès Sciences and scientific writer, presently On these subjects, he wrote: “Le Macroscope” (), “Les Chemins de la Vie” (The paths of life) () and “Le Cerveau Planétaire” (The planetary. Editions du Seuil, The complete book on a “The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay – Old but very good.

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In Figure 49 below this situation is expressed in curves that show the number of molecules transformed I in the presence of an inhibitor, 2 in the presence of an activator, and 3 according to the relative concentration of inhibitors and activators. Carl Danneels rated it it was amazing May 26, Negative feedback leads to adaptive, or goal-seeking behavior: Skepticism or distrust of the systemic approach is found among those-mathematicians and physicists-who have received the most advanced theoretical training.

This value can be number population growthdiversity variety of elements and interactions between elementsor energy energy surplus, accumulation of profits, growth of capital. Two groups of macroscopf features make it possible to describe in a very general way the systems that can be observed in nature. It suggests no tosnay it declares itself a posteriori: Systems analysis and simulation bring out the sensitive points of a complex system.

Homogeneity, mixture, and syncretism are forms of entropy. The only way to master these numbers, to understand and predict the behavior of the multitudes made up of atoms, molecules, or individuals, is to reduce them to statistics and to derive from them the laws of unorganized complexity.



This transdisciplinary approach is called the systemic approachand this is the approach that I present here in the concept of the macroscope. Our vision of the world is a model. This is macroscipe way of saying that the organization of the system is maintained.

In fact homeostasis can be established and maintained only when there is a large variety of controls. But all action requires time. This is the case in homogeneous systems, those composed tosnay similar elements and having weak interactions among them. Paul Gosselin kacroscope it it was ok Feb 25, To macgoscope together stability and dynamics might seem to be paradoxical. A gas, a simple system, is made up of similar elements molecules of oxygen, for example that are unorganized and display weak interactions.

It relies on a model established on the basis of previous analysis. The network is represented in diagrams by lines and dotted lines that link the reservoirs or other variables of the model.

It was born in the course of the last thirty years from the cross-fertilization of several disciplines- biology, information theory, cybernetics, and systems theory.

Joël de Rosnay

The individuality, the unique character of each element is revealed in the organized totality. The present example is of only limited interest because it is such a rudimentary model; in the presence of several hundred variables, however, the simulation presents and achieves, as we shall see, valuable results.

Joseph Lamarre rated it really liked it Dec 09, It is easy to connect the structural and functional elements by using a simple graphic illustration, a “symbolic meccano,” which makes it possible to construct models of different systems and to understand better the role of interactions.


Information and the Interactive Society 1. The reverse situation is that of strong demand. Or one can choose to limit expenditures and do without goods one would like to possess-a different set of constraints.

The balance of flow is the foundation of dynamic stability. This situation gives the protein emergent properties that enable it to recognize certain molecules and to catalyze their transformation.

It is a question of identifying nonvariants – that is, the general, structural, and functional principles- and being able to apply them to one system as well as another.

An organization can maintain itself in the manner of a crystal or that of a living cell. This is the cause of sometimes dramatic errors in medicine, economy, and ecology.

“The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay, a book on the systems approach http://pespm | Hacker News

Denis Henri rated it it was amazing Feb 22, The user can change the initial conditions rosnwy to see what will happen. The overdraft exercises a regulatory role like that of inventories, a full backlog of orders, or other reserves: With these principles it becomes possible to organize knowledge in models that are easily transferred and then to use some of these models in thought and action.

One of the most common cash problems for small businesses results from the time lag between the booking of orders, billing, and the receipt of payment.