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Mapa del Maiz Transgénico en México Science And Technology, Infographic, Aula de el mundo/alimentos transgénicos Science And Technology, Biology. La justicia mexicana ordenó a la Sagarpa y Semarnat suspender todas las actividades de siembra de maíz transgénico en el país, así como. Aunque en México está prohibida la producción de maíz transgénico, este año el gobierno permitirá la importación de 10 millones de.

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A mi tambien me interesa mucho consegir variedades auctoctonas. Perhaps there has never been a time when the importance of defending maize and keeping out GMOs have been so ej understood by the general public in Mexico.

The national and international political cost in terms of public opinion continues to rise.

However, with institutional silence continuing to weigh heavily around the approval or denial of the permit applications which, we stress, have now expiredthe main question the movements are pondering is: Por todas estas razones: Si estas en el campo, puedes observar quienes siembran y preguntar en cada lugar siempre hay un campesino que cuida y mantiene las semillas que le han herededo sus padres y abuelos o que han recuperado con la labor diaria de la siembra.

The future is unrwritten.

Among its allies, it seems, we find some of the same players that have been promoting GMOs as a way to increase productivity, deal with climate change, and transgenivo scientific solutions for agriculture. The FAO repeated its response of two years ago:. Soybeans are a well-known plague trangenico Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, causing soil depletion, land grabbing and concentration, extreme agrochemical contamination, and empoverishment and the forced servitude of people and communities.

Download PDF version 2. We must now pay close attention to the origin of all the maize we consume, knowing that it is found in a great variety of processed foods. Estudio encuentra glifosato e Our cities would be inundated with contaminated maize that has been shown to be associated with health risks in studies in other countries — which is precisely what our communities and organizations have been saying for the past eleven years.

Pre-hearings provide an opportunity to discover the governmental bodies, corporate groups, or individuals responsible for these injustices and to discuss ways to remedy the situation. The Gates-Slim factor Amidst the misinformation surrounding the question of whether permits for large-scale planting of GE maize in Mexico will be approved or denied, it is important to make the links between two developments: We are seeing the proliferation of authoritarian crop intensification systems whose ultimate result is to contaminate native maize varieties in the very centre of origin of this crop — one of the four most important crops in the history of humanity.


As necessary we will resort to mobilization, collective strategizing, day-to-day work, or legal action. The conclusion is that most of the antipoverty budget is absorbed by the bureaucracy that administers the programs.

Importarán 30 mil mdp de maíz amarillo transgénico

It is a significant and straightforward victory in a context in which disinformation and institutional opacity have been the norm. For many organizations, it will be important to prepare legal challenges, even if commercial planting of GMOs is asserted to be permitted under laws — such as the Biosafety and Genetically Modified Organisms Act or the Seed Production, Certification, and Marketing Act — which the Mexican people consider to be central violations of their rights.

trnsgenico Click here for the list of genetically engineered maize varieties being exported by the government of South Africa. The coalition includes concerned scientists and academics, students, human rights advocates, neighborhood activists, religious and health activists, social reform and protest movements, environmental victims, and peasant and indigenous farm and community organizations.

Autogestionar la salud para salvar la According to these sources, the applications have lapsed. What will we do if and when the permits are finally approved, through either legislation or exploitation of legal loopholes, and corporations actually start planting? The collective assessed the need to take preventive legal action and took stock of recent successes:.

MAÍZ TRANSGENICO EN MEXICO by raul andrei mendoza peña on Prezi

See Boxes 1, 2, and 3. For years now in Africa, the Alliance for a New Green Revolution AGRA has been using hunger as a pretext for the real crusade, which seeks to raise yields and place restrictions on what can be grown where. Producers exchange seeds within the community, and some sell their seeds locally or regionally.

We wish to share our concern for the health, culture, and economy of our nation, which are being degraded by a development model that favors a minority, including those transnational corporations that are now conspiring to take control over one of the greatest treasures of our peoples: Other languages You can read this site in English, Spanish or French by selecting the appropriate language at the top of the page.

¡No al maíz transgénico!

At the same time, we must root out all alien or unknown seeds, especially if those seeds are promoted by the government and the companies. Another countered that since four months had elapsed since the filing of the applications, the permit was deemed to have been denied.


Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. We wish to express our outrage at the immense crime that would be committed against the Mexican people if GE maize were approved for commercial planting. After all, activist organizations have had to make numerous requests for information, going as far as to appeal to the Federal Access to Information Institute, before they could obtain a useful response from any government department.

Mexico and all Mesoamerica and beyond are the centre of origin and diversification of maize.

Maiz Transgenico Mexico – CALAMEO Downloader

Farmers speak out 03 December Only the soil can free us 29 November More. It contends that the Mexican Seeds Act is deliberately designed, as are similar acts throughout the Americas, to criminalize native seed saving, planting, exchanging and trading.

One said that since fifty days had elapsed without the assessing agency issuing a recommendation to traansgenico decision-making agency, that meant commercial planting of GMOs had been approved by default. Mexico is the centre of origin of maize and the region with the greatest existing genetic diversity in this crop and its wild relatives. Shortly afterward, the international organization AVAAZ published a petition against GE maize, with more than 42, signatures from people around the world, as a result of a campaign launched in conjunction with the Mexican organizations involved.

The Gates Foundation has for some time been promoting its new Green Revolution for Africa, creating a whirlwind of resistance as restrictions on what, how, and where to plant have become increasingly intolerable. We must heighten our efforts to reject makz products containing industrial maize ingredients, since they are bound to be transgenic. This is why, given the emergency we are now facing, it is so important to redouble our efforts to preserve and fortify native seeds and the trusted channels through which they are exchanged, and through which their diversity is preserved.

The answers are clear. They harvest 20 trillion grains of maize, all of it exposed to adaptive environmental forces during the season.