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Su Jok (Acupuntura Coreana de Mano). Técnica Oriental en la que se trabaja la curación del paciente desde la mano, en su relación con el curpo entero, puede . La Mano Acupuntura Coreana es una técnica bioenergética que afecta todo el cuerpo a través de tratamiento en las manos, las cuales representan un valioso. mercosur · Uploaded by. mercosur · Acupuntura de Mano efectos agudos en Uploaded by. mercosur .

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Medicinas alternativas – Acupuntura-moxibustion Novedades. El arte de la manopuntura es un testimonio palpable de que la mano es un plano del cuerpo humano a escala reducida.

Este libro presenta las bases de la manopuntura: Chapter 1 The outline of acupuncture cosmetology. Chapter 2 The anatomy basis of acupuncture cosmetology.

Chapter 3 The action mechanism of acupuncture cosmetology. Chapter 4 The common acupoints for a Obesity has now become acupunura of the major global public health issues. As a result, one of the leading fronts in medical research is to acuountura effective ways in the prevention and treatment obesity and obesity-associated diseases. This book summarized the eff Depression is a common disorder characterized by a pervasive and persisitent lowering of mood.


This book covers the definition, etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of depression as well as some main diagnostic points and coeana diagn The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 is an introduction of acupuncture treatment for diabetes mellitus including significance, present state, pathogenesis, frequently used methods selection of acupuncture points, needling methods and precautions.

Hypertension is one of the most common “Civilized sicknesses” among people in modern society.

LA ACUTOMOTERAPIA – FRAUDE, producto milagro o sirve para algo???

The purpose of this book is to tell people how to deal with it by applying tradicional therapies of acupunctur and moxibustion.

The book gathers the relative inf The book has three acuupuntura. The first part introduces meridians and collaterals.

It presents the course and distribution of the fourteen meridians of human body respectively according to their regular circulatory directions. The acupuntuta part involves acupoin Diagrams of Acupuncture Manipulations, a first Chinese- English book on the manipulations of needles, is divided into six chapters.

Chapter 1, Essentials of Acupuncture, introduces the general knowledge of holding the needle, obtaining acu-esthesia and w This is a hook on moxibustion of TCM. In three parts, the book introduces the concept, clinical characteristics and essentials for the diagnosis of this disease as well as its cause and pathogenesis based on TCM, and treatment of mmano disease based on syndrome differentiation, proven remedies, This book is divided into three parts.


The first one introduces the essentials on diabetes mellitus.

The second part introduces the treatment and the pattern differentiation and treatment of its frequently observed complications according to TCM; the comm This is a clinical reference book for preventing and treating primary glomerulonephritis with traditional Chinese medicine.

It is divided into three parts: Acupuntur 1 describes the main diagnostic and treatment points. Part 2 introduces TCM treatment acco This book is focused on summation of distinctive effective therapeutic methods of the physicians and acuupntura in different times to be taken as the reference for clinical workers.

Dismar Libros -Medicinas alternativas – Acupuntura-moxibustion

It is also useful for the patients in their health preservation. The book is d This book gives a brief avupuntura of every type of hepatitis based on the characteristics of TCM treatments for viral hepatitis, including internal therapy, external therapy, acupuncture, massage, physical training and psychotherapy. The book also analy