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What is Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) 1973 in India

Introduction of Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) 1973

you should know the first-time CRPCpreparing 1861 The Supreme Court was to implement British procedural law, deciding the matters of the subjects of the Crown. …

In 1861 the Code of Criminal Procedure was passed by the British Parliament. CrPC was first built in 1882 and then revised in 1898, then in (01-04-1973) according to the 41st Law Commission report.

There are only 37 chapters of the Criminal procedure code.

Section (1) extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir but now the criminal procedure code applies in Jammu and Kashmir from 2019.( Jammu and Kashmir was earlier the runbeer panel code (RPC) applied.)

It will come to force on the 01 – 04 1974

You should know the name of the criminal procedure code 1973 and the short name is CRPC came in to force on 01-04-1974 and only three chapters apply to Nagaland and the tribal areas.

Three Chapter Name

1 VIII (Security for keeping the peace and for good behaviour)

2 X (Maintenance of public order and tranquillity)

3 XI (Preventive action of the Police)How many types of tribal are there


How many types of tribal are there



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(The constitution has been given the 6th schedule) Article 1 and Article 393 and IPC Section 1)

The object of the code is to provide a machinery for the punishment of offender against the substantive criminal law and Indian Panel Code 1860 both the Indian Panel code and the code of criminal procedure (CRPC) should together.

The code itself divides irregularities that may occur in the proceeding into classes-

A Irregularities which do not vitiate proceedings (Section 460)

B Irregularities which vitiate proceedings ( Section 461)

A specific chapter viz, Chapter XXXVI, Containing Section 467 to 473 prescribing limitations for taking cognizance of certain offences, has been introduced in the code as well.

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